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CRC-8 algorithm in Protocol Send is not giving expected results

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I am trying to use the PROTOCOL SEND function and send a simple message terminated by CRC-8. But the results are strange. I have created a simple program and configured PROTOCOL SEND to send a message: TEST, end of message is Checksum & ETX, the ETX is 0x0A, the calculation method is CRC-8 (binary), modulus 256, no offset and checksum length 1 byte.

The expected result is: TEST<CRC-8>\n => in hex [54][45][53][54][7A][0A] see https://crccalc.com/?crc=2353440a &method=crc8&datatype=hex&outty

The actual result is: [54][45][53][54][0B][0A]

Is there any way, how to calculate real CRC-8? What is the current algorithm used in Visilogic (there is nothing in the help). I have also tried some other methods, but I do not get expected results either.

Thank you in advance!


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