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Code Clips and Working App Shells (repository)

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Hello PLC community!

I am of the contention that the best way by far to "teach" is by working examples (ie: code clips and/or working app shells). I feel this is the very essence for a quality and enjoining PLC  coding "help" community.   

This is my first time ever coding in PLC "ladder" paradigm. As I have coded in Java and C before , for functional end products, I already knew the "logical" and "coding" schema of the different languages required to interface with computers.  

My tactical approach to any new project is, for the best part, is on a "need to know" basis only.  If I were to have "read" all of the immense Java libraries before I started coding, I would still be reading and not have completed any project. 

Working "code clips and app shells" are exceedingly powerful, and like no other by far, in getting a "newcomer" up to speed and soon self-sufficient.  I propose to the Unitronic adms of this technical/coding "help" forum to establish an organized/indexed collection of documented "Code Clips and Sample App Shells" section.  (headless and no general commentary).



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