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Version Incompatibility & BinLib Versions

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We have a customer who loads a clone file of their project onto their V130s via an SD card. This is normally a quick and hastle-free process, without the need of bringing a laptop out. Recently, they had some trouble loading the clone file onto a new V130. After loading the clone file, the PLC displayed some random shapes (e.g., an elipse, a rectangle, etc.) and was unresponsive to keypad pressed (including holding (i) to enter information mode).

I suspect the clone file had been created in a VisiLogic version prior to 9.xx and was being loaded onto a PLC with newer boot and/or binlib versions. This version incompatibility is mentioned on the Welcome Page of the Visilogic 9.xx help file:

Downloading a project built with a version previous to VisiLogic 9.xx to a controller with system files released with VisiLogic 9.xx or later (Boot, BinLib and/or OS) will lead to version mismatch.

VisiLogic V9.xx is released with Boot V2.002 (xx), BinLib V1.010 (xx) and OS V3.003 (xx), and is only compatible with these files and up.

To avoid this problem in the future, I will suggest maintaining 2 clone files: one for PLCs with pre 9.xx software and one for PLCs with 9.xx software. From Information Mode on a V130, how do I determine which clone file should be loaded? How do I determine the BinLib version on the PLC from Information Mode? The 'SW Versions' display on a V130 shows: OS version, Boot version, Factory version and the PLC name, but no BinLib version. When I search the VisiLogic help file for BinLib, it only shows the reference to BinLib on the Welcome Page. How is binlib updated? The Visilogic System Upgrade Wizard only mentions installation of PLC BOOT and PLC O/S.

Thanks guys.

Best regards,


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