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Just playing around with an application to control some linear actuators over MODUbus using an Ethernet physical layer and wondering if I am configuring things correctly.

Here are a couple main commands that I have been sending out over serial comms using a MODbus testing app and things appear to be working correctly.

Enable Modbus: 01 05 0427FF00 3D01

Servo On: 01 06 0D001000 86A6

Home: 01 06 0D001010 876A

Position 1: 01 06 98000000 A6AA

Position 2: 01 06 98000001 676A

I am at the point now where I am trying to do 2 things,

1. Verify that my communication between the Unitronics and the actuator controller is working properly.

2. That I am properly configuring the messages in the FB's within Visilogic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Program attached.

Actuator Test.vlp

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