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Unistream US5-B5-T42 PLC (CPU) boot error


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I have brand new US5-B5-T42 plc and did made simple program on it to try HSC with quadrature encoder, it was working fine for two days and did some changes for test etc everything was ok. Than i powered it off and when powered on this morning i got errors:

-Wrong indentification of plc (code 5)

-PLC (CPU) did not boot successfully (code 7)

I tried few times to reboot via menu or powering off-on but same. Than i tried to re-load programm to plc, but did got also error, 

-PLC (CPU) did not boot successfully (code 7).

After trying to reboot again from menu, i had error 

--PLC (CPU) did not boot successfully (code8 )

After that i went to plc menu and rebooted PLC only and it worked. I have tried to power off-on and for now it works......

There is one thing, last night I have enter few elements inside "high priority tast", (hsc counting part of my programm) that did worked well after upload, but I doubt that could couse boot problem?






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  • MarinZ changed the title to Unistream US5-B5-T42 PLC (CPU) boot error

A bit of update.......since it did work i continued to do some test, than after about 1 hour while i left system off, i powered system and it booted with boot error:

-Wrong identification of PLC model (code 5) 

Again after few DOWNLOAD ALL and restarts it get back to normal life.....I will try to do some more, but I think this is not safe to work with it anymore?

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