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Looking for help changing sensor input to trailing edge.

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Good morning,

We are using the Samba 70-  SM70-J-RA22

We are desperately looking for help with triggering a sensor.

We have several Samba 70's in use and the original programmer left an option out of the programing!

These units control Carton Feeders,

They should have a button on the home or service screen that allows the user to change between leading or trailing edge when sensing the carton.

Currently the units only sense the leading edge.

We have been able to appease all customers until now!

The original programmer is unreachable.

Is there someone that can help us?

Eric Emery


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In your program, the leading edge printer trigger output is reset (turned off)  by the trailing edge of the workpiece.

That said, if you want to trigger the printer on the trailing edge of the workpiece, what (action) will reset (turn off)  your printer trigger? Would it be the leading edge of a subsequent work piece? A timer? etc. 

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 Take a look at the program and the modifications I made. Service page has mode selector and timer input for setting your reset time for the trailing edge of your sensor. I've made some assumptions about your system, namely; that what you're asking for is a printer trigger "ON" from the trailing edge (in addition to the existing leading edge mode) of your input sensor (I1) which is digital in nature and thus will either be ON or OFF, and it would appear that the sensor would be ON through the duration of its sensing period and then OFF once the workpiece is no longer sensed, and THAT is what we're calling a "trailing edge", which is to say that the desired function is to trigger your printer on this trailing/falling edge of (I1) sensor. Modified nets are pink in color for reference.


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Thank you very much!!!

I cannot state how much I appreciate your help!

I need to travel to test the program! 

I have attached a video of the unit in use, this might help you picture it. The attached video shows a debossing unit(that is what is trggered)

In the video its sensing the leading edge.

I hope the timer will not cause a double trigger, 

I will advise once I have tested.

Thank you again.


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