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Multiple slow down and stop - Winding machine

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I have built a winding machine that moves material from one roll to another. Normally with is done to a set length, the machine slows down the rolls and stops at a given point, via input from a shaft encoder.  basically the Samba is fancy 2 stage counter linked to a VFD. The user would then typically cut the material, add a new roll, reset the counter and press start again.


I have customer who wants to be able to have the machine wind their material roll to roll and stop at 3-4 random points throughout the 50m roll - this is for the purpose of a quality control check their product. without cutting the material at all.

I need the slow down and stop to be automatic, I could add a 'resume' button to continue to the next stop point, before finally stopping at 50m.

I have uploaded the original working programme.   Any assistance would be amazing.


Final Vers 1.3 180823 no over temp 305dc.vlp

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