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Forum Mod. Joe T. in CE - and Wanted: Legacy Apps!

Cara Bereck Levy


Joe Tauser - if you've spent 5 minutes on this forum,  you know Joe as a forum moderator, expert in all things Unitronics. If you have ever asked for help, you have probably benefited from his broad knowledge of control engineering.

Joe offered some good, cautionary advice for those implementing IoT in their applications that appears in the May edition of Control Engineering, European edition,  in  an article on machine control technology developments, spotlight on IIOT, 

Click here to see the May issue, the article is on page 33 - I've captured that page below:


JT on CE.png


Legacy Applications Wanted!!!!

**Call for 'Legacy' PLC application stories!**
Our first generation PLC's are controlling applications decades (!) after their release.
Do you use Unitronics' first generation PLCs?

Let us know!




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