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Please Vote!! TA32: Nominated for Control Engineering Engineer's Choice Award 2024!

Check it out!!!  Our UniStream TA32 controller has been nominated for the prestigious Control Engineering Engineer's Choice Award 2024! Our TA32 is an outstanding PLC specifically designed for process control. Its unique built-in I/O configuration features 6 analog inputs, 2 temperature inputs, and 3 analog outputs, enabling you to connect a wider range of devices and sensors, providing greater flexibility for your projects. As a member of the UniStream series, TA32 provides excellent funct

UniCloud: not just for Unitronics! Affordable, Do-It-Yourself IIoT for ANY Device!

Hi people! The team has been hard at work—and here is the result: now, you can easily integrate any PLC—or other devices that talk MODBUS, such as sensors—into UniCloud.  Our safe, secure, sophisticated IIoT platform is now available to any machine, process, or application—whether based on Unitronics' products or not—that connects to UniCloud via Unitronics’ UCR routers. People, I want to tell you that in the world of IIoT, UniCloud is a total game-changer. IIoT Cloud platform impleme

UniCloud--no-code Cloud! IIoT made Easy, for OEMs and Machine Builders!

We've been working hard here at Unitronics headquarters--and people, the results are fabulous!  This post is devoted to Unitronics' new UniCloud, our complete, no-code IIoT Cloud platform for OEMs and Machine Builders, supporting UniStream, Vision Enhanced,  and Samba—able to support any of your control applications, new or old, without you needing to add a line to your control project. So…what does that mean, exactly? Read on to learn more!                         

Meet Process Control Requirements with the UniStream TA32 PLC--IEN write-up

Hello people! I am happy to announce that our recently-released UniStream TA32 PLC was written up in IEN: >Process control demands precision, and often, more analog I/O than a PLC can handle—until now.  Enter the new UniStream TA32, a powerful controller specifically designed for precision process control. This easily-programmed controller offers a unique onboard I/O configuration and a rich feature set that caters to diverse project needs—and makes this PLC a natural choice for applicatio

Unitronics' Community Roundup for 2023 - and a big thanks to the moderators!

So--here we go, with a summary of the Unitronics forum community activity for 2023! In 2023 we welcomed over 1000 new members. Over 400 topics were posted overall and over 2,500 posts were made during the year. Over 1200 files were downloaded—and thousands of people searched the forum to answer their questions. The Unitronics community would not be possible without our forum MVPs. Our four knowledgeable  MVPs—and I cannot stress this enough—are volunteers, not Unitronics employees. The

Unitronics Upcoming Webinars  | Spring 2022

Unitronics Upcoming Webinars  | Spring 2022 Knowledge is Power - Enhance your Automation Skills!  We invite you to join one or more of our live, free webinars to deepen your knowledge of Unitronics products, programs, and services. Register for one or more of our upcoming webinars today!   Webinars  | Spring 2022 Subject: VFD | The Simplest Way to Control via Communication Date: March 23rd at 11:00 EDT | 15:00 GMT Click Here to Register >>  

Cara Bereck Levy

Cara Bereck Levy in Webinar

Grand Winner of the Engineer's Choice Awards: UniStream 'Cloud Inside' Controllers--thanks to all who voted!

We want to thank the community members who voted in Control Engineering's 2022 Engineer's Choice Awards! The Grand Award is bestowed upon the product that receives the most overall votes. This year’s Grand Award recipient is our very own UniStream 'Cloud' controllers, voted the top award over 72 finalists. Click here to read the article in Control Engineering: Spotlight on Innovation: 2022 Engineers’ Choice Awards. Click here to read more about UniStream 'Cloud Inside' Controllers

Remote Access--Success Stories!

Read these success stories to see how members of our community take advantage of different aspects of Unitronics' powerful Remote Access capabilities! Grupo Electrotecnia Galiana: UniStream, HVAC application The challenge: create a high-performance test bench to test HVAC compressors over the word-wide range of voltages & frequencies, while enabling remote commissioning & operation via Web browser & VNC. Click here to read the complete story.   Schepers-Techniek:

HMI Design--New Forum Section!

One of our community members, @YINGD suggested that we open up a forum section dedicated to HMI Design, and our long-time MVP @Flex727seconded the suggestion --so we did! Here is the main section, with sections for UniLogic and VisiLogic: https://forum.unitronics.com/forum/90-everything-hmi/ I hope that this will prove helpful to our community--thanks for the suggestion!

Cara Bereck Levy

Cara Bereck Levy in HMI

Engineer's Choice Awards for 2022! Vote UniStream 'Cloud' Controllers for the win!

𝙒𝙚 𝙢𝙖𝙙𝙚 𝙞𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙖𝙡𝙨—𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙞𝙩 𝙞𝙨 𝙞𝙣 YOUR 𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙨!!! Our UniStream® Cloud Controllers: PLCs with Embedded Cloud Services – has made it to the finals for Control Engineering's 2022 Engineer's Choice Awards.  Click here to VOTE for us in the category of Control Systems: PLCs, PACs. Any UniStream--Modular, Built-in, or PLC--can be ordered as 'UniStream Cloud'. Your UniStream “Cloud” PLC comes with an embedded Start-up Subscription at no extra charge— there is no monthly subscription

Webinar! Learn Motion with Servo made Simple!!!

Hey people! Move NOW - attend our Motion webinar  ★Learn about Servo made Simple: the Unitronics Motion Solution that does the work for you★  ★No motion programming knowledge needed!★ ★It's FREE! ★ The webinar will be held on  November 23rd at 10:00 ET | 15:00 GMT  Click HERE to register! (Can't make it?  Don't worry. We will send a recording to all registrants. )   It's smooth. It's simple. Our Motion Solution includes all the hardware you need - AC Drive

Cara Bereck Levy

Cara Bereck Levy in Motion

Make an IMPACT--take our TWO minute survey!

Hi people! We listen to you. The requests and discussions in this community helps to guide our R&D,  and helps us to develop the  hardware and software you need. Please click here to take our short  survey. It is anonymous, and takes about 2 minutes to complete. Your answers will have an impact--will help us to direct our development to the best solutions for our community. Thanks--may all your apps be bugless 😄

EtherCAT--for Servo Motion, I/O, and 3rd-party devices! (UniStream PLCs only)

EtherCAT! If you use UniStream PLCs models USC-B5 or USC-B10, you can now easily integrate EtherCAT into your applications, via our new EtherCAT master communication module. This new module, UAC-01EC2, brings you the following benefits: Simple, flexible, transparent system setup. Easy wiring – reduce costs, minimize complexity. 3rd-party devices easily integrated - just import the ESI. Motion: via Unitronics UMD-xxxx-E3 servo drives, you can support up to 8 axe

UniStream: rising to the COVID-19 Challenge

Hi people, In the here and now, engineers save lives. Medicavent rose to the challenge of COVID-19—ventilators. They did it using a UniStream Built-in, model US7-B10-TA30l. As they tell it: > Our team, composed of aeronautic, mechanical and systems engineers, whose day jobs are working on classified defense contracts, have decided to rise to the occasion, working around the clock and under the radar to develop a semi-professional ventilator. The criteria selected we

Cara Bereck Levy

Cara Bereck Levy

Loadcell! BACnet IP server! UniLogic Spring 2020 Release!

Hi people! Unitronics Spring 2020 release introduces a powerful feature—UniStream controllers can now function as BACnet IP Servers. Particularly valuable for Unitronics users who are active in Building Automation and Environmental Control, UniStream BACnet Server supports a broad range of Services, Objects, and Tasks—we invite you to activate the trial license to check it out! This new release increases your project reach with: New Ethernet-based URB Components: - I/O Modules: L

Cara Bereck Levy

Cara Bereck Levy

NEW!!! UniStream Webinars THIS Week!

Hi Guys! Whether it is newbies wanting to learn more, or power users wanting to see if they can pick up time-saving tips to  boost efficiency--our recent webinars have been very well attended. So, we have added two more to  the series: UniStream Alarms, and UniStream MODbus!   UniStream Alarms Learn how to l to configure Alarms, use the HMI Alarm Widgets, Alarm Structs and more! Tue, May 5, 2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EES   UniStream MODBUS Le

Cara Bereck Levy

Cara Bereck Levy

Webinars--LOCK-DOWN series!!

Hi people! I wanted to remind you that there is still time to register for our upcoming webinars--and if you missed them, have no fear, we post them all!  To register, or to check out a recording, go here:  https://unitronicsplc.lpages.co/locked-in-learning-webinar-series/#schedule Past Webinars are marked with Recording, Upcoming Webinars are marked with Register.

Cara Bereck Levy

Cara Bereck Levy

Webinars! Make good use of LOCK-DOWN time!!

Well, people, if your projects are currently on hold--make good use of your time! We are preparing webinars for all levels: whether you are a newbie to Unitronics or a power-user, we will have a webinar for you. Here are some upcoming titles and times=======================================  

Cara Bereck Levy

Cara Bereck Levy

Partnering to Combat the Global Medical Ventilator Shortage

People--If you are involved, or want to get involved with one of these projects--let us help!!! (BTW, I spent some time lurking on on of the SLACK forums devoted to this subject--and let me tell you: "Geeks will save us all". Just amazing, the level of collaboration and thinking-out-of-the-box, AMAZING ) On to our official invitation:==================================================================== Partnering to Combat the Global Medical Ventilator

Cara Bereck Levy

Cara Bereck Levy

Download our Webinar:Remotely Access your Unitronics PLC =>Control During Crisis

Download our webinar:  Remotely Access your Unitronics PLC   Control During Crisis People, don't miss out! Even if you missed attending our webinar, you can still download the recorded webinar – to improve your skills without missing a beat! Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars – these are a great way for you to sharpen your skills, learn to work more efficiently, and improve your ability to meet upcoming business challenges Click below to download the recor

Cara Bereck Levy

Cara Bereck Levy

Did you know? UniStream PLC - a 2020 Engineer's Choice!

We are proud to announce that the UniStream PLC has been awarded the prestigious Engineer’s Choice Award for 2020 in the category of Machine & Embedded Control – PLCs. This is the 10th consecutive year that Unitronics has been honored by the Control Engineering community. Our products have received a total of 10 CE awards in the categories of Integrated HMI Controllers, HMI Software, and now, for the first time, in Machine & Embedded Control – PLCs. We thank all those who vote

Cara Bereck Levy

Cara Bereck Levy

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