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  1. Hi, This plant does not use valves. Sand, for example, is added with a conveyor belt. I recommend you to see similar plants, existing in the market. http://www.domatltda.com/index.php/productos/mezcladoras-serie-dm/dm-small-14-16-detail
  2. Hi every one I want to share my project with this community. This is the .VLP file created for the batching plant. Mezcladora Final.vlp
  3. Thank u once again Keith, I´ll start to work on this with your valious answer.
  4. Hi all again! In this moment my VisiLogic file program is very good and now I'm in a little trouble with a calculation. So here's the matter: In my ladder I have to re-calculate some ingredients amounts depending of some moisture % values, in this way for example: C=A*(1+(B/100)) Where: C= New sand amount; A=Initial sand amount ML; B=sand moisture %. As you will see, my formula won´t work due to the operation B/100 will be zero always, and the sand amount will never change. Finally, what do you recommend? I'm into two choices: - Use float numbers in the formula (MF) or - Keep using ML's and MI's and change the way I make the calculation. How do I change this?? Thank you so much guys, my project is almost done!.
  5. Thank you so much. Im trying to get this in next way: In a HMI display I put 2 MI values wich are filled by the operator. The first one, for the integer quanity and in the second MI the operator will write de floating quanity of these m3. Then in ladder if the second MI is greater than zero, the total of batches will increase in 1 unit. Am I ok? Thank you so much Simon.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a pretty easy to answer question for most of you: I'm developing a program in wich an operator writes in a v130 the quanity of m3 of concrete wich are gonna be produced in a little plant. The idea is that the operator writes these m3 in a Display in a variable numeric field, which willl have the format: 3.2 (999.99 m3). I need to process this number to set the number of batches (mixes) of the plant, due to this plant has the capacity to produce only 1 m3 batch at time. So if for example the operator wants to produce 2.25 m3 of concrete, the number of batches will be 3. I need you to help me about how to set this number of batches??, if the number of m3 should be rounded. For the time being, I set the m3 as a numeric variable linked to an MI. Thank you so much.
  7. Thanks a lot Keith, Now I understand so much better this topic, I'm gonna start to work with my load cells directly, and I'll tell you how my project goes. Again, thanks.
  8. Thank you so much Joe! What a usefull example! I still don't understand: In the harware configuration of my project I set ML 0 as the "LC 1st Input value (HWC)" or the Net Weight ML . In the example you set ML0 as The Scale Reading. Ok. But, Which are the units of ML 0? Will this ML be in Kg after calibration? I need to know this to know the values of the amounts MLs. I appreciate your answers, and forgive me if I don´t undertstand some logic things .
  9. Hi Keith, Thank you for answer my questions, I have other doubt. I'm trying to make the program for my mixer, so the ingredients will be added to the mixer according to total weight in this mixer. So, for example, the mixer will start putting sand in the mixer (X Kg sand), after this, no more sand is added and water starts to be dosed (Y Kg water), then the gravel is added (Z Kg), and finally the cement (W Kg). Then, How can I set this batch control? Do I have to use the "Net Weight ML" to compare the actual weight with the goal weight of each ingredient? What do you recommend in this case? Wich part of the help file of VisiLogic should I check? Thank you so much your help is very usefull in this moment, because it´s the harder part of my project.
  10. Hi all again, I´ve already chosen the hardware configuration for my project, so I've ordered a V130-33-B1, IO-DI16, IO-TO16 and IO-LC1. I will conect 3 load cells with a paralell conector summing box. In the hardware configuration menu of the IO-LC1, I set ML 0 as the Net weight variable. I configured the calibration of 2 points as in the example of Visilogic. In this moment I'm working in programming my device, and I have some quiestions about the linearization and how do I work with the weight variable, To calibrate, I used 2 points of calibration, in wich ML2 and ML3 will be the defined points by key pad entry (in Kg). Do I have to make some kind of convertion to measure the weight in Kg? After calibration, Net Weight ML (ML 0) will show its value in Kg too? Or it's value will be acording to the A/D conversion (for example 2094)? I apreciate any explanation about this topic. Thank you so much.
  11. Thank you very much for your answer, I'm thinking of using the summing box, due to it's low price, and it's advantages. Wich summing box do you recommend for my application?, I will use 3 load cells for weighing all ingredients, then to connect them to the summing box, and finally the box to the IO-LC1 module. Thanks.
  12. Thank you Mr Tauser, I have other question: If I'm gonna use the IO-LC1, do I need necessarily the summing box? Or can I just make a parallel connection with the wires of the load cells? Thank you
  13. Hi: I'm new in this forum, and new with Unitronics. I'm developing a project about a small mobile concrete batching plant, in wich I need mix all ingredients of the concrete (cement, sand, gravel, water) and weigh them in one hopper. This hopper is resting over 3 load cells, wich must give the value of the weight. I want to use the most economic solution. I was looking the V120 OPLC and the V130 series, due to the process is not to much complicated. I've been reading info and I think I need the next components: OPLC (Vision): v120 or v130 with about 20 Digital inputs and 12 Digital outputs with the posibility of working with recipes. Load Cell Expansion Module. I don't understand if I need a IO-LC1 or a IO-LC3?? I need only one weight reading from the 3 load cells for all ingredients. I/O expansion module adapter: EX-A2X, for the load cell expansion module. I want to know if this is enough for my aplication, or if Im missing some component?? Thank you so much.
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