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  1. CopyMemory reads 4 consecutive addesses (long type). Column defined as Timer needs 4 bytes (integer type). I don´t remember the reason I read 4 long registers to read timers, but it works.
  2. I´ve read timers from datatables using VBA in Excel using this code: Call CopyMemory(resultLong, DB(lAddress * ElementSize + 23), 4) resultSingle = resultLong / (24 * 60) resultSingle = resultSingle / (60 * 100) Workbooks(NombreArchivoDatos).Sheets("Referencias").Cells(lAddress + lRowReadIndex + 2, 4) = resultSingle Workbooks(NombreArchivoDatos).Sheets("Referencias").Cells(lAddress + lRowReadIndex + 2, 4).NumberFormat = "[hh]:mm:ss.00" lAddress and ElementSize depends of RAM address of specific datatable you want
  3. If you use CopyMemory function to get data directly from PLC memory address, then use PtrSafe in declaration of module: Private Declare PtrSafe Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" (Destination As Any, Source As Any, ByVal Length As Long)
  4. Version 1.28.34 does not change date modified. I also expect that any file just opened without any modification saved, is not changed its modified date.
  5. Right click on desired jump condition, then Clear jump option
  6. I just realized that npn/pnp field exists. I never had to change it before. Is it really relevant or just to visual indication?
  7. Note that initialize resets all memory to zero and if you have set some important values like PID parameters they will be all deleted. I find it useful only in new projects downloaded to used PLC.
  8. I don´t think it works for 400 Hz. Physical inputs requiere a minimum on-time to cath ON state. I implemented your idea long time ago but my frequency was a bit lower.
  9. You must set the frequency (MI1) according with your actuator capabilities and the IO specs. https://myzone-kza3sadj.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/IO-D16A3-TO16_TECH-SPEC_03-09.pdf
  10. 48 analog inputs per EX-A2X or EX-RC1, 6 IO-AI8. It is because data bus capacity, not PLC memory, if I remember well (from support answer I got time ago).
  11. You may also try PID output limits: output low limit = -1000, output high limit = +1000, then scale PID output to your analog output.
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