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  1. As you can connect remotely, check SI9, also take a look to SB16, SI40, SI41 to verify touchscreen and LCD operation
  2. I cannot download your file. Browser reports it as dangerous file. May you upload it again zipped?
  3. Hello all. Is there a way to get the current week number (1 ... 52/53) of the year ? Thanks
  4. Here: https://www.unitronicsplc.com/Documents/UniStream/Remote_I_O/UniStream-Remote-I-O-User-Manual.pdf
  5. I did that long time ago, but don´t remember the exact operand, I guess you must set SB 31 after load the screen.
  6. You may also try restore system images under Project | Sytem images menu, restore all system images to default, then download a blank project and then your project.
  7. You already set limits to output in FeedPump_Controls screen. PID_Run_Param_2 should be retained to keep its values at power-up. Missing value set to PID_Config_2.ProcessValue, so basically you has not PV defined in your PID block.
  8. I would use FTP to receive CSV files from a FTP server on your network to each PLC. Then convert those CSV files to UDTF to be able to use it in your process. Look at COM: FTP in the toolbox.
  9. There are two functions you can use: Test Bit (to test specific bit on an integer tag) and Num To Bits, to convert integer to bits.
  10. There is a tag named Frequency.Frequency 1 (s) you can use with NO contact
  11. You can use inverted contact of "General.Ladder Initial Cycle" as a condition to store from your HSC to a global tag.
  12. Look at Help and search Interrupts immediate. There you find related information. I´m not sure if your selected HM+PLC will be able to handle that functions.
  13. Yes you can, thise Samba model comprises two RTD/TC inputs. https://www.unitronicsplc.com/support-technical-library/
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