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  1. I would use FTP to receive CSV files from a FTP server on your network to each PLC. Then convert those CSV files to UDTF to be able to use it in your process. Look at COM: FTP in the toolbox.
  2. There are two functions you can use: Test Bit (to test specific bit on an integer tag) and Num To Bits, to convert integer to bits.
  3. There is a tag named Frequency.Frequency 1 (s) you can use with NO contact
  4. You can use inverted contact of "General.Ladder Initial Cycle" as a condition to store from your HSC to a global tag.
  5. Look at Help and search Interrupts immediate. There you find related information. I´m not sure if your selected HM+PLC will be able to handle that functions.
  6. Yes you can, thise Samba model comprises two RTD/TC inputs. https://www.unitronicsplc.com/support-technical-library/
  7. Puede intentar usando la función MODBUS #6 (preset holding register) en lugar de la #16. Algunos dispositivos esclavos no pueden procesar todas las funciones MODBUS
  8. You need set jumpers for current analog input and current analog output, did you?
  9. CopyMemory reads 4 consecutive addesses (long type). Column defined as Timer needs 4 bytes (integer type). I don´t remember the reason I read 4 long registers to read timers, but it works.
  10. I´ve read timers from datatables using VBA in Excel using this code: Call CopyMemory(resultLong, DB(lAddress * ElementSize + 23), 4) resultSingle = resultLong / (24 * 60) resultSingle = resultSingle / (60 * 100) Workbooks(NombreArchivoDatos).Sheets("Referencias").Cells(lAddress + lRowReadIndex + 2, 4) = resultSingle Workbooks(NombreArchivoDatos).Sheets("Referencias").Cells(lAddress + lRowReadIndex + 2, 4).NumberFormat = "[hh]:mm:ss.00" lAddress and ElementSize depends of RAM address of specific datatable you want to read from PLC.
  11. If you use CopyMemory function to get data directly from PLC memory address, then use PtrSafe in declaration of module: Private Declare PtrSafe Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" (Destination As Any, Source As Any, ByVal Length As Long)
  12. Version 1.28.34 does not change date modified. I also expect that any file just opened without any modification saved, is not changed its modified date.
  13. Right click on desired jump condition, then Clear jump option
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