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  1. Hi, I solved this by doing a complete uninstall( uninstall and delete unitronics folder under common files). Reinstalled under new path "c:\program files\unitronics visilogic_c" instead of "c:\program files\unitronics\visilogic_c" where it was installed before. This just backup my theory that there where something still in registry that wasn't uninstalled. Sjeggefjes
  2. I still get the same behavior as described even after a full re-install. Any other ideas? BTW I'm running windows 7
  3. Tanks for the reply guys. I've backups of the project so that is no issue. I'll try the full re-install and se if I'll get visilogic to run again. Sjeggefjes
  4. Hi, I had my visilogic 9.3.1 shutdown wile comunicating with v130 plc. When trying to restart the program I get the usual message "visilogic was not shutdown properly press ok to recover", but when I press ok I get the error " 12subscripts out of range". When I confirm this message it disapears but the program is not starting. When I try to open visilogic again it says that it is already running and can't be opened again. I kill the process in task manager and start visilogic again with the same results as before, "visilogic was not shutdown properly press ok to recover" ...... I've uninstalled the program and reinstalled it, I've tried repair installation but the same thing happens. Anyone have an idea if there are any other files that have to be deleted in registry or any thoughts on how to fix this? Sjeggefjes
  5. Hi, I have made an temprature controler using PID. I'm using an V130 plc and visilogic The output ( 4-20 mA signal) control an heating cable and the process value is a PT100 sensor on the object that I'm heating up (body temp), and I have one on PT100 on the heating cable as well (cable temp). The input variables that I use is setpoint, cable setpoint and there is an max temprature setting. The object that I heat up is steelpipe with equipment inside. I wrap the heating cable around the pipe and isolate the object. If I use the cable temp as processvalue all is fine but the system is too slow and in accurate. Because there is often much mass to heat the cable temp has usualy to be 10-20 ° over setpoint (to speed tings up) and this is hard to figure out each time becase the object is changing and when the body temprature is at setpoint the cable setpoint has to be changed( lowered). If I use the body temp as processvalue the system is quicker and more accurate but now the cable temp is often over wanted the maximum temprature and is tripping an tempraturelimiter. Becasue of this I've made the system with 2 PID controlers one with body temp as pv and one with cable temp as pv. At first the cable pid is controling the output and sets the cable temp at cable setpoint. Then when body temp is at setpoint the body pid is taking over and the system works fine but now the problem starts. When body temp is at setpoint we are increasing pressure inside the pipe with water or gas( to test the equipent inside) and this usualy takes the temprature down. Now the body pid is detecting this and increase the output but because of great mass this is a slow process the output is to high, so again the temperaturelimitier is tripped. I've not been able to make the system to change between these two controlers in an good way or to make them "play together". So the question is: Has anyone been able to make an PID-controler with 2 processvalues or a system that take in consideration 2 processvalues? brgd sjeggefjes
  6. Tanks for the answer. Is there any plans for making it work with uac and not administrator rights?
  7. Is it supposed to work with UAC after instalation? It worked after instalation but not when I was removed from the administrator list.
  8. Hi. Have anyone tried to sequence visilogic in microsoft application virtualisation (app-v) on win 7? We have problems with the file association after packaging.
  9. the problem is solved and was: you can't use the status of an output (direct contact) to set anything, changed the output status with the logic to set the output and everything is as it should. Is this normal? why can you use the output status( direct contact) in the ladder diagram when it isn't working?
  10. Hi. Yes the compare function is in a subrutine but I know it's running/ been called cause I have a timer beeing set in this subrutine wich is running. All of the other logic in this subrutine is working fine. I also have done a cross refrence and this direct coil is only in this one place. Acording to the help file it should be able to compare negative numbers (MI's), which I'm doing, could this be the problem?
  11. Hi. I'm having trouble with the compare funktion. When in online test mode I can see that the statement is true, the block is red but it will not set the coil behind it. I've had this problem before but it have been solved by downloading the program again. This time it dosen't fix it. I'm using vision130 with unitronics V 8.6.1 . Anyone having any thoughts about this? regards sjeggefjes
  12. hi Phil. Tanks for the reply ,but it seems that it was late afternoon fingertrouble that caused problems sjeggefjes
  13. Hi. I have a question regarding storing of timer value. why is the output different betveen x number in MI and x number in ML? I'm using unitronics vesion 8.6.1 best regards sjeggefjes
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