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  1. Thanks for all the help - the issue is resolved and I am successfully online. Now for the real fun to begin.
  2. Thanks, I have since entered the IP, subnet mask and gateway using INFO mode. I am now unable to connect due to an incorrect PLC name. I can successfully ping the PLC now.
  3. See attached command line results. From INFO Mode: Ethernet Parameters: IP Address:; Mask; Gateway: Socket Status: Socket 0: 20256: TCP Slave: Initialized and Not Connected Socket 1: 502: TCP Slave: Initialized and Not Connected
  4. I am getting the following error when trying to initialize/go online for the first time with my V570. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "Communication over TCP/IP could not be established due to one of the following reasons: - cable connections are not secure - incorrect TCP/IP settings (IP address, Protocol type, Port number) - the connection is currently being used by another application. " ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Right now the first net in my main routine is checking SB
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