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  1. Using RealVNC on my iPhone, no problems. Is your phone on the same network as the PLC?
  2. Hello Is there a system log (history) where I can see which clients (IP-numbers) that have tried to connect to my UniStream PLC?
  3. Solved it, I had to search and replace the dot (.) with a comma (,) After this the values in the time column responds to the change of format (HH:MM:SS)
  4. Hello I have done some Data Sampling to CSV When opening the CSV in Excel or OpenOffice Calc, the date and time coloumns does not show the date and time values in the correct format. I manage to get date correct by adjusting the format of the date column to YY-MM-DD But the time column does not respond to adjusting the format, I have tried every option. Nothing happens with the values. What am I doing wrong? PRODUKTION_10-01-20___08-02-50.csv
  5. Im in a project where I would like to use the web server with a Unistream PLC. However, the web server is very slow the first time you open a page. When you once have opened it, its fast to go back to that page again. Is this something you are aware of and working on? Also, the page renders differently in the HMI and the web server (boxes with text and numbers are a little bit misplaced in the webpage as you can see in the attatched images)
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