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  1. Joe, Got it. I was thinking in a template. Anyway thank you very much for the orientation.
  2. Dear community have every one of you a great day, I ask, if some of you have an example in Visilogic, for a system control for a Natural Gas compression Unit, some program I can use or re-desing.
  3. Kritesh, Thank you very much
  4. Dear Cmarcus, Did you mention about implementations with SAP plattforms. Could you tell me about it. Do you have an example how do you made it ?? I need to connect to SAP system wiht Unistream 15,6" Appreciate your advice Giovanny Serrano
  5. Joe, Thank you very much for your reply. Anyway, it is possible to link Unistream with SAP ?? GS
  6. Good day to all, One system integrator wants to know about experiences or the procedure to communicate Unistream with ERP system SAP. May somebody share the example applicattion, or share their experience working whit it. Giovanny Serrano
  7. I have the same issue with a Vivion V1040. Initially HMI is totally en white color, then en Info Mode appears a message in red color: PLC in stop mode!
  8. Joe, thank you ver much. I will install an older version, and will see how wil works.
  9. Dear ORSO2001, I mean, we can find Unilogic Version 1.24.48 on web page. I want the version to execute sample applications examples
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