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  1. In your first EX-RC1 rack, if you are trying to configure all 64 channels of 8 IO-ATC8 modules, you have exceeded the maximum words that can be placed in one adapter. I had this problem before and I realized during setup that although the specification allows for a maximum of 8 I/O modules per adapter, you can only configure a maximum of 49 words. With an adapter with 8 IO-ATC8 modules, this mean you can only configure a maximum of 49 channels (1 ATC8 channel = 1 word). This translate to only 6 fully used ATC8 modules + 1 ATC8 with 1 channel used. In my case before, I was forced to add
  2. I would just like to know if there are any updates with the release of Profibus cards for Vision controllers. Will it be available any time soon? Thanks.
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