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V700 with V200-18-E46B Analog inputs

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Hi there,


I have V700 with V200-18-E46B snap, 

I`m trying to figure out the connection to the analog input from 4-20ma sensor, 

The data of the v200 state that the maximum V in the analog input is 15, the sensor receives  its V from the controller 24v,

The output voltage from the sensor is 23. Volts .. 

Therefor I would assume there will be problem if I connect it to the input of the analog in (based on the maximum V in of the snap in 15v) 

Am i missing something here? do I need to provide lower voltage to the sensor? add something after the sensor to lower the volts?


Help please.


Thank you


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Hi Orr,

It seems that you measure voltage at current output with open circuit.

V200-18-E46B internal resistance for inputs AN0-AN2 (10-bit) is 500 oHm , and voltage limit is 15 V.

For AN3-AN8 (12-14-bit)  internal resistance is 37 oHm, and voltage limit is 1.1 V.


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