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Great new products on the way...



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Wow, I can't tell you how eager I am to get my hands on the new products coming our way from Unitronics. I've been biting my tongue not mentioning them for a couple months so that Unitronics could release the information on their timetable but...Both products were displayed at the PackExpo convention in Chicago earlier this month and Jas is blabbing about them over on the Forum. So I guess it's safe for me to reveal my enthusiasm.Unitronics-V1040-300x297.jpgThere could be more than what I know about but I'm told these three things are close:

  1. 10.4" Vision OPLC with 16-bit color. This is the V1040.
  2. 5.7" Vision OPLC with function keys and 16-bit color. This is the V560.
  3. New firmware to upgrade new and existing V570s to 16-bit color.

From my perspective these are monumental product introductions. The two things I most commonly hear from potential customers who end up going with a competitor are, "We want a bigger screen," and "It would be nice to be able to put a high-res logo on that thing." We work primarily with OEMs so perhaps I'm in the minority but these two new products are sure to be a hit with my customers.Thanks, Unitronics!Unitronics-V560-T25B-300x239.jpg


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I'm rocking the beta version right now, and the colors are spectacular! Can't wait for the official release, so I can put it to work!

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Ash, Thank you for the link .

After taking a look on the V8.9.5, the Color selector always give a choice about 256 colors !

I don't know if it's planed but a 16 bit picking palette could be better. (picking directly on the HMI too).

I tried display 16 bit color images on V570, it's really great.

Some changes i saw :

- new "links & jumps" tab in HMI editor (a little display bug keep displaying a right part of the HMI when switching between the tab.

- a isDisplayed operand assigned to HMI

- UniVision licensing in the Utils menu


I'm verry pleased with those enhanced stuff !

Great Job :D

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