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WEBINAR - Web Server



Recorded Live:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

By Jas Lettieri

Applications Engineer - Unitronics Inc.

This webinar covers the basics of implementing a Web Server with Unitronics controllers.

  • Overview
  • Requirements
  • Demo Projects

WEBINAR - Web Server

<iframe width="960" height="750" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/aW-tqbOvE8M?rel=0&hd=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Questions by Attendees

Q: Can the Simple Webserver display Trends or bar graphs?

A: NO, the simple web server is only able to display operands types, MI, ML, SB. The enhanced web server can be used if a user can create a web page taht has this functionality

Q: So the simple Web Server is basically text and numerics?

A: Yes, it is meant to be a quick and easy way to get access to information over the web browser

Q: Can you change the colors and text size on the simple web server?

A: You can use the alarm option to give color to a certian range. the colors are red, yellow and green. You can set the range where the colors will change

Q: Did I miss Where the main page be modified?

A: No, the main page is alwasy the same information, which comes from the particular controller, OS number, controller... We create another, or a few more, pages with the information we want to display

Q: I now see that the manin page can be modified in the advanced web svr. I assume can not be modified in the simple server?

A: That is correct. The simple is predefined. The advanced needs to be built.

Q: Any support for uname/pw access within the PLC web server?

A: THis is not supported by the simple web server. We have built some function liek this, using the MI entry and a compare sto simulate a PW. WE also use the a set of registers just for the web page, and if the PW is entered correctly, the realy MIs will be sotred to the display MIs.

Q: Future support for https?

A: Probably not in the immediate future.


Recommended Comments

A definitive number cannot be given for pages, since this depends on the amount of operands monitored and edited per page. This is why we provide a compile tool inside the simple web server configuration that shows the amount of memory usage from your specific setup.

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