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  1. Bear in mind the maximum frequency of the Samba 430 is only 30Khz, so with a 5000 PPR encoder, you are restricted to a maximum RPM of 360. You will miss pulses once you are beyond this RPM
  2. Will this work? with both High speed counter as well as frequency mode being used? For flow calculations, the need is for frequency
  3. You may be able to achieve the desired by using SB39. I dont have a M91, so cannot confirm
  4. Hi, Cara - jweav2223 and Saragani got the gist of the message & saved me the trouble of explaining my post. Saragani - Since I first developed my project and then imported it to the Webserver template, I have the logic that i had created. My major concern is that is there a way where I can have 2 different paaswords for the ladder modules? Ron
  5. Hi, I took the Advanced Webserver Template for V350, and built my project around it on a V570. After successfully testing the project, the system was delivered to the client. As a practice, before dispatching the system, I always utilise "Ladder Password: Apply to all subroutines in the Module". Now, when I am at site & wish to modify some section of my software, I just realised that I have to enter the password which was used by the authors of the Webserver Templates. I too do not want that my software be open to others * so need to lock my subroutines. Ron
  6. Thanks AlexUT, Was wondering if its possible to send an XL sheet to the PLC thru webserver? Ron
  7. Hi, I have used Unitronics to send emails. Is there a way that the PLC can receive emails? Ron
  8. Lawry, U have asked a very important question. I need to know if Unistream's IO modules can be used on Vision PLCs. & if so, will it follow the specs as it would with Unistream or as per Vision PLCs. Thanks Ron
  9. Thanks Joe, Very Informative. Cant wait to get one unit in my hands.
  10. Dear NickB, According to your sketch, it does not seem that the Push Buttons are connected to the PLC in the right way, or may not be connected at all. Pl check if you can see the status of both the Inputs on line. Ron
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