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From Unitronics: U90 Ladder applications

These applications are posted by Unitronics.

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  1. Input and Output Comparison

    This example program shows how to use the comparison function blocks to set and reset and output based upon temperature measurement.



  2. Jazz UA24 - Signed Bits to Numeric + Linearization

    You have an 8 bit signed magnitude input value coming into the PLC via I0-7.
    And you want it to scale so that:
    11111111b = -127d = -10V
    01111111b = +127d = +10V
    If the above assumption is correct, you can use two linearization functions.
    But first you will need to only use the function “I to MI” on inputs 1-7.
    Before the linearization function, use input 0 (the sign bit) as a condition to enable the positive or negative linearization function.



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