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  1. I would recommend a full uninstall. If certain folders were not removed during the uninstall/reinstall this could be the reason you are still viewing this error. After performing a Windows uninstall of VisiLogic the following folders must be manually removed: Delete the folder “Unitronics VisiLogic_C” from C:\Program Files\Unitronics Delete the folder “Unitronics” from C:\Program Files\Common Files The new version, or a reinstall then then be performed.
  2. Can you clarify what you mean by export the file? Do you wish to send it out using the FTP server? When creating the CSV file from the Data Table using the Store DTI to File block you have the option to append the file in the Input parameter E. By default this value is 0, but if you change it to a 1 it will append the data without needing to change the file name.
  3. Is the Default gateway correct? Can you ping any IP address outside of your network? What type of email client are you using? Gmail more recently set up new security settings that need to be disabled before sending an email from a third party device.
  4. This is fairly complex. How often does the output change? What if the output changes while a previous timer is running? There would need to be some way to determine when to start/stop the output operation. A linearization function block can be used to scale the time output, but it will then need to be loaded into a timer block to run. Something would also need to trigger this run block. What conditions are you using to start the digital output running?
  5. The ladder error code you receive, 0x0000003D, can be used to find what subroutine is causing the crash. This can be found in VisiLogic under the Edit menu then selecting Find Subroutine by Ladder Error Code. A file size of 217MB seems too large as most of our project files are from 1MB to 20MB normally.
  6. Yes, this is a current product. There are not any tips as you only need to upload the file to the gateway after creating it with the configurator. There are instructions in the manual which you find linked below: http://www.unitronics.com/docs/technical-library/gw-bac1.pdf?sfvrsn=0 A Unitronics PLC will be set up as a Modbus master over RS485 or Ethernet and communicate to the gateway. The gateway has it's own registers and will convert the Modbus registers to BACnet registers. This then allows any BACnet device to also connect over RS485 or Ethernet to read/write information to the gateway.
  7. It is required to have the PLC to run any ladder logic or HMI operations for all of our products.
  8. You can use the text element, List of Text by Pointer. This allows a list to be created for text such as Running 100, 200, 300 etc in different rows. Only one set of text will display at a time. This List of Text element is linked to a numeric variable used to display the desired row number. For example if a #0 is entered than it would display the text in row 0 for Running 100. If a #1 is entered it would display Running 200. Each time you press the button store the corresponding row number into the variable in the List of Text element.
  9. Only one program can be working in the controller at a time. If you have access to the program you can add additional code if the two tasks can be combined.
  10. We do have both email and phone support with telephone numbers for both USA and international support. http://www.unitronics.com/support/contact-us
  11. As you mentioned the best way would be to use the data table features in VisiLogic. They allow you to structure the table with any information that you need and both read and write information to the table. If you need additional storage you can utilize the SD card for additional space. There isn't a built in history feature to scroll through a table, but you can read information from the table into elements on the HMI. The read row button does allow you to modify the row being read, which can allow you to "scroll" through reading different parts of a table. Buttons can be added for scrolling that would increase/decrease the row number being read.
  12. The issue sounds like Windows is not recognizing the hardware and not applying the driver correctly. Are you able to connect using an Ethernet connection? The panel has a default IP address of, though this can be changed in Network settings in UniApps by pressing and holding the top right corner of the UniStream's HMI. Please try the following steps to see if this resolves your issue. · Power OFF the PLC · Close UniLogic · Unplug the USB cable · Make sure the PC is grounded (power supply for notebook) · Power ON the PLC · When you see the "initializing" green spin logo, plug the USB cable · After the PLC finished to Boot up, Open Windows CMD > ping and see if you have a reply from the PLC · Open UniLogic and try to download a project. · If needed, In the discovery window click on the "Refresh" link few times If this does not solve your issue please send an email to support@unitronics.com
  13. This is correct. The resolution is maintained, and the option allows for the lower and upper scaling limit to directly correspond to 4 and 20 respectively instead of 0 and 20.
  14. The resolution for the UniStream 7 is 800x480. Though if the video element is drawn smaller than the full size of the screen this could also cause scaling issues.
  15. No, this is not a common occurrence and should be resolved the first time you perform the steps listed.
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