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  1. Good Afternoon Sunit, I will be happy to send you this information shortly, please check your inbox. Best Regards, Holly Dillon Unitronics
  2. Hi Darrell, Let me introduce myself, my name is Holly Dillon and I'm the Regional Marketing Manager for Unitronics, Inc. in the US. As you may be aware, we do have various webinars available for viewing on our website (http://www.unitronic...x?page=webinars). We also training seminars that take place around the nation. At the moment the only seminar for beginners will be held in Boston (11/30-12/2). If you would like to be added to our newsletter to be notified of future trainings, please let me know. Some of the cities slated for 2012 trainings include: Anaheim, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Ft. Worth, TX; Tampa, FL; Boston, MA; Pittsburgh, PA; Chicago, IL. I hope you find this information helpful and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Best regards, Holly Dillon 617-657-6596 x7906
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