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  1. Yes it is. It's just a matter of adding additional I/O and then programming the additional logic. You might also consider using the Remote operator, or web based HMI depending on the hardware (Unistream, or Vision).
  2. Hi- I am using ver. 1.25.61 Unilogic and cannot find a way to successfully compile if I create a trend graph that is less than 380 x 500. Is there a way to override the compile error, or is there a trick to making a smaller trend graph area? I have never had an issue with this in Visilogic.
  3. Here is the latest brewing system controller ready to install on system. Still a lot of work to do, have to build the recipe data tables and interface screen(s), and configure timers, or drum sequncers to automate the individual functions. As always a work in progress!
  4. I am having a similar issue with just using the provided graphics in Unilogic. When I use one of the UniPics images (in this case Unipic-Switches-034, and 33) the round switch has a white square background , so it looks terrible on a black screen background. How do I get the image to display correctly? I have tried copying the image out of the Unitroncs folder and open with Gimp and create an alpha channel, and that works except the resulting image then displays the Unipic water sign, which is no good either.
  5. When using graphic objects from the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Data\ImagesC\UniPics\Medium\Pipes - Indexed Medium, there are only elbows that face left and down. There seems to be no way to flip, or rotate to use them in other directions. If I try to edit one and rotate it in MS Paint, it shows up with the Uni-logo and X pattern. Is there a way to manipulate the direction of the image in Visilogic, or to edit the graphic so that it displays as it is supposed to in the HMI? I am creating the HMI for a V1210.
  6. I am aware that Active-X is not in itself a graphic format, So this is what prompted me to ask such a thing about Active-X. This is the reply from my initial inquiry: "Thank you for your interest in our product! We offer the Industrial Gadgets as an ActiveX control, or a .NET Component. Do you know if Unilogic supports either of those? I could not find an answer when I searched online. This may be something that Unitronics could answer fairly easily."
  7. I am looking for a 3rd party HMI graphics library to use with Unilogic. Does Unilogic support Active-x based graphics?
  8. I have been working with Vision PLCs, and Visilogic for several years, and have enjoyed working in the Visilogic software. I have seen improvements, enhancements in the software along the way, and have no complaints. However, after just watching a video of an overview of Unilogic, I am left with a much less enthusiastic view of Visilogic now. : ( Just about everything I saw in the video made me think "Wow, I wish I could do that in Visilogic!" Are there plans to add Vision controller support to Unilogic? Or are there plans to overhaul Visilogic to look and function like Unilogic? Or, should I just start planning a migration strategy to Unistream controllers?
  9. A quick update- I am pretty stoked right now, am the proud new owner of a NIB V700! Time to start writing code for a color HMI, what a difference!
  10. Thanks cantcliff, I'll give that a try. It sure would be a nice enhancement to the drum sequencer FB to add the ability for setting drum duration from a variable. Hint Hint. Is there a feature request page on the forum somewhere? Bill
  11. Hi All- I am trying to find a way to make the time duration for a drum sequence line to be set by a variable that the user would enter from a "menu" screen. I s this possible? I have not been able to find anything related to this in any of the documentation. The only way I can find is to set the duration in the drum config. BTW- I am trying to do this with a V280. Bill
  12. Well, here it is four years later. So I am now working setting up my home brewery with a V290. I am adding several new sensors, mostly flow sensors to meter out HL water, and to balance sparge flow vs lauter flow. I am now using the drum sequencer function block to automate the individual process steps, mash rake, and hop addition alerts.Will be using an additional PID loop to control a proportional valve for lauter/sparge balance. Will use another PID loop with proportional valve for chill water flow to regulate chilled output temp to fermenter. I will get some pics of the system up here when I can get a chance. The original system has been working great, now I just want to go to the next level in automating the process. I am also working on a large screen HMI to show the entire process and status using Advanced HMI. I hope to upgrade to something like the V700, or at least the V430 when funds permit. That's all for now! Bill
  13. I have resolved my problem with the PID server. I am also heating a water tank, but only 15 gal. Every time I ran the PID server autotune with the 2-stage I would wind up with the Run-Time Error 9, Subscript Out of Range error message and no data written. After setting the #of stages to 4 it works great, everytime (but it does take a while, about 45min). When running the PID loop it will maintain the setpoint to within +/- couple tenths of a degree (F). I was thinking that maybe the response time of the water tank was too long so the autotune gave up, but couldn't say for sure. Just glad it's all working now!
  14. I get the same error EVERY time I run PID server. I think it too must be at the end of the tuning cycle, just when it attempts to write the data. The error message is generated from Windows, I have seen the exact error message generated from other Windows apps,mostly in Excel, and VB scripts, not just Visilogic. It could be an indication of a virus, malware, or rootkit, or corrupt files. Does anyone out there know what else might cause this? I am running a V130 with 9.3.0 on Windows XP SP 3.
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