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  1. I currently have a V570 installed at a site that is logging trend data. Currently it is logging five curves, but my customer has requested a sixth value he would like to trend. This is a pumping application with a flow meter, and he would like to trend total flow through a pipe. The problem is that it is a large pump, and therefore a very large value (in gallons). The controller displays this value on one of the HMI screens. It is large enough that I had to assign it on an MF. The curve properties of the trend feature only allows me to choose an MI as a data operand. Is there a way
  2. I need to set up communication between a V130-33-R34 controller and a Zoom land-line modem. I will be using an RJ11 com port on the PLC, set to RS232. The modem, unfortunately, is an older-style, and has a D-SUB 25-pin com port. I will need to build a cable to connect between the two devices. I found a D-SUB 25 RS232 pin-out arrangement online. Data communications is new to me, so I have a pretty basic question: Do I simply need to match the 6 signals on the PLC RJ11 port to the corresponding pins on the modem's cable? For example, does pin # 1 on the PLC (DTR Signal) get connected w
  3. Thank you. This seems like the proper way to accomplish this.
  4. Thank you, Saragani, I will get my customer to try that.
  5. On a trend graph, pressing the "M" button allows the operator to scroll through trend history using the automatically-appearing scroll arrow buttons. But after stopping and re-starting the trending, the PLC seems to erase the previous trend data. I know that when saving to an SD card, stopping and starting the trending begins a new file. Is there a way to scroll back through the previous trend file on the graph even after a new trending "session" has begun?
  6. I have a customer who is unable to use the SD Card Manager to access the trend data on his SD Card. He emailed me the .UTR file, and I was able to access the data by saving the file on my computer, and using "Import SD Folder". I navigated to the .UTR file location on my computer and although I was greeted by a message saying something like, "Unable to Access Data: File may not contain any data samples", after clicking OK on this message dialog, the software not only automatically displayed the data, but seemed to automatically create an Excel file as well. This was handy, I suppose, since
  7. I programmed a JZ20-R16 for a customer. The program includes five timers, settable via the keypad using Variables. I'm surprised I did not notice this during testing, but the PLC is now on site and my customer claims that each time he cycles power to the PLC, the timer values reset to zero and must be re-entered by the operator. This is not ideal for this application, as power is cycled often. Most of my experience is with the VisiLogic software, which simply has a tick-box in the Operands section next to timer values, enabled the PLC to "remember" the setting. The M90 software does n
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