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  1. Hi, and thanks for your post. Every help ist welcome. The 820 are becouse belimo write in the manual that the way is 2-10 V for the valve. 820 are 2 V. I think it is an standard for some valves. I can feel an the valve the temperature that is closed. I think that autotune means that the module measerd on the 3 stage the way and the reaction. You have right that the reaction from the valve is not so fast, but it is every time the same. Have the pid in autotune not to learn how the reactance and control bevor temperature is go up. It is possible that I diden`t understand the function o
  2. Hi, we have to control for a smart energy home some heating systems. One of them is a floor heating, like the picture. You can see the PID Server results. I have the auto tune several times with a lot of parameter done. With the VisiLogic and PID server 3 stage and 4 stage. Have thanks for help. Jo
  3. Hello, I have a Belimo water valve with 0-10 V input. Please can somebody help me to optimize the setup. The AO goes every time to 820 and close the valve. Here are the settings. It works on a V350. The PV is a TC. Thanks Jo
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