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  1. Hi All, I have 3 Jazz PLC's communicating over Modbus with JZ-RS4, 1 master (R31) and 2 slaves(R10). Is there a way to check for errors in comms, Rx & TX. If comms fail, to reset all outputs on both slaves. (similar to CanBus "check alive function") thanks Matt
  2. I have a ETM 9440-1 GSM modem connected to a V1040, with 6 recipients in phone book for each SMS to send -the modem initializes OK connects in the V1040 PLC program. When a "SMS send" block is run, the modem sends the message to the first recipient in the address book OK , but then "Status Mesages" for modem return "8 - Unknown modem reply" and fails to send to remaining recipients in phone book? The modem is a Cinterion PH8-P engine, I have used Cinterion MC55i in "Init block" on startup with custom init AT commands AT&F ATE0 AT+CPIN=^XXXX^ WAIT 3 AT&C1&D1&S0Q0S0=1V1 ATX4 WAIT 3 AT+CNMI=0,0,0,0,1 AT^SCFG="Radio/Band",211,1 AT+CPMS=SM,SM,SM AT+IPR=9600 AT&W0 ATI Does the "SMS Send" block have different commands to the modem depending on what modem is selected in "Init block"?? Any help or ideas please. Matt
  3. I had the same problem, try this- change AT+CPIN=^XXXX^ to AT <PIN CODE> change AT+CPMS=SM,SM,SM to AT+CPMS="SM","SM","SM" Hope this helps
  4. I have new ETM9440-1 3G modem connected to a Vision 1040 for SMS. Modem initializes on PC & PLC OK, I have used Siemens T65 & Cinterion in the "Com Init" block with success. After the "SMS Send" block executes, the first recipient in phone book works and sends OK, but with more than 1 recipient in send function,Modem Status messages returns 8 (Unknown modem reply) The modem uses the Cinterion EU3-3 or PH8-p engines. Need to send up to 6 recipients per SMS message, with more than 64 different messages. Is this in theVvisilogic software or a modem config issue for multiple recipients?? Any help please??
  5. I am trying to burn a license key to a V1040 but keep receiving Error Message Error creating file, "PLC Models.xml" The comms settings are correct I have been downloading to the PLC continuously. Any help please Screenshot attached Matt
  6. sent it already to support but still no response. i'm under the gun to finish this project ASAP
  7. I am using a Vision 1040 with the Alarm server, when the trigger bit for the alarm is active the scan time goes from 3ms to 104ms and the screen flickers and the unit is unresponsive. Once the trigger bit is cleared the scan time returns to normal. I'm using a set coil for the Alarm trigger, and have only programmed 1 alarm so far, need to do 24 more?? Does the Alarm use interrupts to check status bits?? Any help or suggestions please Vision version 9.7.0 O/S 3.8 Bin Lib 0.3.10 boot 2.2 Attached pic shows ladder, MB810 is alarm trigger
  8. I am having the same problems with the Alarm server? It is quite a large program no problems until I enabled the alarms. When the alarm trigger bit is active the scan time goes from 3ms to 104 ms and the screen flickers and is unresponsive? The Alarm trigger is a SET coil, only while it is active the scan time is 100ms or more Prior to enabling the alarms the program was working well. Do you have any suggestions why this is so??
  9. Hello, I am using a V1040 communicating with a Weigh cell display via Modbus. Coms are all working fine, but - The Weigh Cell display returns 3 MI's first is Decimal point then 2 MI's are whole number. The Vision only deals in signed numbers?? The decimal is sent as an unsigned INT as a fraction of 1. Eg: If the number is 2.45kg. The decimal point INT will be 29490 ( 29490 / 65535 = 0.45) The problem is once decimal number is above 32767 it becomes a negative number in the Vision 1040. Is there a simple way around this??? Please Help have spent many hours on this already. Matt
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