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  1. Ofir, Thank you for your high speed counter example logi, it was extremely simple and helpful! Thanks, Greg
  2. Hello, I would like to print the PLC ladder logic, HMI screens and IO configuration / STRUCTs,... etc. How do I print from UniLogic? My preference would be to create PDF electronic back-up and hard copy print outs of ladder logic for user manuals. What did I miss? Thanks, Greg
  3. Hello Eyal, I have a suggestion that may have been covered already... but here goes. In the Rockwell Logix 5000 world... the UDFB is called an AOI or Add On Instruction... Programmers love to reuse good simple working code, therefore UDFB and AOI's are great tools to have available. The only hang-up I noticed so far with Unilogic is lack of online status when opening a specific instance. Say I use one UDFB nine different times in the control program... I can not open and "troubleshoot" like a normal ladder function. In the Rockwell Logix world I can chose to look at the source code without actual data In/Out or I can select the specific instance and then see all of the In/out parameters and logic power flow for troubleshooting within the AOI. Thanks, Greg
  4. Hello, I'm programming challenged and like the easy Rockwell Automation world, just not the price. So Unitronics has nice powerful solutions, but the software seems to lag behind a bit... So... what I'd like to be able to do in the Unistream platform is over-write the "read only" register "current count" from the UID-0808THS module. I have shaft encoders and prefer to work on the positive side of the number line. Negative roll over is a programming headache for me. The application is a mechanical jack screw with 60 PPR A quad B encoder, signal feedback and wiring is easy and works fine. In my control code I take the raw data and scale to engineering units to yield a linear position feedback (jackscrew moving the load a specified distance). In the Rockwell world, I can turn the counter off, reset to zero or some "preset" value that is meaningful to the application. What's nice about that is the programming is far easier and I can prevent roll-over problems by offsetting the number line using the preset value = non-zero value + a safety margin in counts (could be 10 x the feedback counts per rev.) Does anyone reading this have has an application similar to this written in Unistream / Unilogic platform? I have my program attached if you are curious about the hardware and software setup. Version 1.7 rev 62. If not, then I ask the capable guru's at Unitronics to consider enhancements to high speed counter firmware. Thanks, Greg
  5. I goofed up again... forgot to mention that the "MUL" multiple math function block will not convert INT to Real by simple multiplication by 1 has Simon mentioned. Keep getting the error message "Parameters of this function must be linked to the same data types" BTW, I'm running Version 1.6 rev 83 (latest as of 3-Jun-14) Simon, what did I miss here? Thanks, Greg
  6. Thanks to all for the responses. The formula solution solves INT32 to REAL problem. However, like Simon said (sorry for pun) no UINT32 options in the formula tag data type selection. Nice to see the description pop up for the variable ABCD... etc. If I was only patient enough to hover and wait a moment! While on this topic... is there a way to increase the column width for each visible cell in the ladder view? By this I mean... if the struct or tag name is more than 17 characters long can it be displayed without having to hover the cursor over the tag name? Currently the software truncates the displayed tag name with an ellipsis at the end. Kind Regards, Greg
  7. Hello, I guess I'm spoiled by RS5000 Rockwell Logix software automatic conversion of dissimilar data types... In other words I can very easily compare or do math to a "real" and "integer" values without having to code additional steps to covert the numbers. So now I'm trying Unistream for the first time mainly because of the "STRUCTS" and "UDFB" features are very powerful tools to have that are competitive to Rockwell and Siemens features... Is there an easy way to convert at UINT32 to Real? I see the conversion instruction under the Tools/Math functions... however I do not understand how to code this... the instruction only shows A, B, C, D, etc... I don't see an instruction manual for UniLogic anywhere either... like the Visilogic programming manual. Thanks, Greg
  8. Thanks Emil. I tried the latest beta 8.9.8 today and it looks as though the configuration block user interface changed. Does Unitronics have any written help or simple instruction manual to describe the functions? Right now I'm just experimenting to see if the new tools will improve or simplify my current application. Thanks for the response. Hopefully, the official release comes soon. Kind Regards, Greg
  9. Hello, I am looking for help files and or examples on how to implement the new PTO functions under the "Utils" tab in Visilogic 8.9.5 (beta). Is anything any available yet? I have a motion project using steppers and a V350-35-TR34, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Greg
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