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  1. What DataXport version are you using? The most latest is V3.1.16 and I recommend downloading it from here. If updating DataXport doesn't solve the issue, please contact me at support@unitronics.com
  2. Hi Ronald, Open the ULP file in DataXport, go to "Project" menu and select the option "Log Files". Now select one or more logs and press "Remove".
  3. The USB host in Unistream had been tested with several devices. All tested devices were using the Prolific PL2303 family drivers. If possible, please send me the specifications of the Prolific controller PL2303HXD you mentioned.
  4. Hi Robin, There are two main download types in Unilogic - with and without reset. Most users prefer the download without reset option - mainly because it doesn't involve stopping the process when making changes to controller on site. If you want to go to the main screen after download, either use the "Download and Reset" feature or alternatively create a "Home Page" button for each display.
  5. Regarding adding a swapped bytes feature - I will add a request to our features list. Regarding conditions for swapping - there are several approaches for such condition. I would use the following: Storing the original tag (lets name it A) to another 2 tags (lets name them B and C) Swapping the bytes in B Running a continuous compare function between the A and C - when A is different then C that means that another value was stored to the PLC and another swapping is necessary.
  6. Hi Kjensen, To understand what exactly isn't working in the application, I will need you to post the application itself for inspection.
  7. Hi Michal, If you are getting wrong values for the R.F.R command, there is a good chance that your device sends a swapped message (the bytes order is reversed). In that case, you can use the Swap Single Tag Bytes ladder function block found in the Logic tab. change the swap type to ABCD_CDAB. Please let me know if that solved the problem.
  8. Hi Ran, In general, OS update does not affect the resident application whatsoever. In some models (especially V350), some older function blocks were replaced, but that doesn't apply for the V130. Also, the current Visilogic version stands on V9.7.44. It is recommended to update both the application and OS to the most recent version.
  9. Hi akodmon, Currently, there is no support for IP cameras in Unistream. In the new upcoming version of Unilogic, IP cameras working with RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) will be supported by Unistream. Supported video format is MPEG-4 Visual, part 2, AVC/H.264.
  10. Hi Flex, You can keep the Vision IO modules and switch to Unistream in one condition - you need to use EX-RC1 as a bridge between the Unistream and the Vision IO's. I attached an example that shows how to use EX-RC1 with Unistream. EX-RC1_IO.rar
  11. Hi Rene, Please see the attached project. In the Data Sampler1 struct there is a "Create CSV" bit. When this bit is turned on, every time you will stop the sampling or when the sampler reaches the maximum samples (60000 samples) a new CSV will be written to the SD card. Please let me know if that works for you. UniStream_070_Data_Sampling_And_Trend.ulpr
  12. Hi Marius, Please see the attached image. There is a Timer/Counter HMI variable that presents timer values. you can present and/or edit both preset and current timer values.
  13. Hi Marius, You can easily create a blinking led by using SB3 as your contact. SB3 is a 1 sec pulse generator.
  14. Hi Ivan, Unfortunately, you cannot configure the USB ports (or install drivers) on the Unistream to support specific devices. To communicate with a device over RS-232 layer, you should either use a USB to serial adapter (available also from Unitronics), or install one of the Unistream serial communication modules.
  15. Hi Allen, Currently, Unitronics supports 3g modem networking only for the Unistream series (using this modem). However, supporting 3g modems for the Vision series is one of our highest priorities, and it is expected in several months time.
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