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  1. @Cara Bereck Levy Hi Cara. Any updates on this request?
  2. I have a mqtt project with 40 identical machines all using the exact same application program. I am currently using Get and Set topic to add machine identifier for each plc. What would be a great feature is to have a tickbox to automatically add the unit id to the topic instead of doing Get and set in ladder. It would also save alot of work if the publish and subscribe lists could be exported and imported to a csv.
  3. Is there a limit on how many tags can be added to a unistream?
  4. Not so familiar with TCP_Client_Server in Unilogic. Can this be used to send AT commands to a device? I have a Bgan SAT unit with built in gps. I can telnet a AT command from my pc and receive the gps co-ordinates.
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