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  1. alright, now thoroughly confused, I understood that TA was an accumulated timer, ie counting up. so what is the most efficient way to measure actual time in use?
  2. ok, sounds simple enough, I think I can muddle through that, getting it stored, if the timer has NOT written its data to the table, and the user power cycles the machine, will the timer data still be there? OR will it start from the beginning? how do I display the data table information on the screen when I need it?
  3. OH, Visilogic. The customer runs two shifts, so 23:59:59 is plenty. I need it to store whenever a run is complete and I need it to append if possible for each given day. I do not need the operator powercycling the unit and fudging with the timers. All I need in way of resolution is HH:MM. What I am needing to accomplish here is to verify that the user is actually running the machine during their shift, and documenting the amount that it is in operation. My program is basically a sandblaster controller for an automated system. It may run for 2 minutes or even 2 hours for a given pattern dimension, so I need to determine total run time for each day. SO, I am thinking a data table that stores date: total hours operated, not necessarily by shift, just total. I'll just activate the timer when the auto routine is active and stop it when it isn't, but the storing, accumulating and appending is my concern especially regarding powercycling. How NOT to lose the data. Then how to display it on a password protected screen (which is no problem for me to do).
  4. I have a situation where I need to recall how long my program was in active use each day and be able to recall that to a diagnostic screen for evaluation purposes. I know I need a timer sequence that activates when my program is running, I think i have that concept covered but I need to know how/where to store that information so that I can recall it. I'd like to keep a months data and be able to scroll through it. If I understand correctly, I would use a TA type timer activated when the program is functioning and not in the idle state. Store that to a data table? recall as needed? any suggestions as to the best way to go about this? thank you for your time. j
  5. thank you uniguru but I have just one clarification needed. If I use the same power positive and negative as my power supply for the sensor, which is 24v rated btw, can I just send the signal line to the digital input of my choosing? Of course, I know to setup the hardware to expect the signal on say line input 12. could you possibly draw the schematic as you would wire it? Thanks again.
  6. I am updating a project with an NPN hall effect sensor. I am wondering exactly how to wire it properly to the i/o card. The sensor has 3 wires, voltage +, voltage - and signal out. I'll have to install it on the bank of digital inputs 10-18 as these are currently unused. I am using the v200-18-e5b snap in module. Your help is greatly appreciated. thanks guys. btw, I am using this as a pulse reference for a timer to determine if the part is moving and if not, it will shut down after a predetermined length of time. If it is important, the rpm is 30 with 8 pulses per revolution yielding 4 pulses per second. The sensor in question is the model 906 from electro-sensors.com thanks again.
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