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  1. I have the ZebraPrinter.vlp downloaded to a V570. I've made my cable as rj11 Db9 Brow 1. 6 Yellow 2. 5 Green3. 2 Red 4. 3 Black 5. 5 Orange 6. 4 in info mode I have com1 protocol = protocol rs type =RS232 params =9600,8,n,1 silence = 3648us Tx =252 Rx =463 every time I hit touch to print Tc and Rx number go up, but nothing is printing. This is the first time I've tried to print. Btw the printer works fine with usb and print test p
  2. Joe recommended this to me awhile back and it works great. Added plus that you can use teamviewer to get into visilogic and the plc easily. Often hard to deal wit IT to have access to the network. This way I just install a touchscreen laptop as a secondary screen and connect to wifi as a guest. No company sensitive info is accessible, but you have easy access to the plc.
  3. My phone shows I've tried on the plc side, but didn't work.
  4. I've had it working a while back, but I can't connect now. Plc up all sockets are initialized. Plc name is same. Plc is plunged into a switch. My laptop is also plugged into the same switch and able to connect via Ethernet. I can't get it to work on the phone. What gives?
  5. I did that by using the combo box (unilogic) -attributes- options: list-add new text, but it names the row steps not the columns. So if I uncheck a box to skip a step i still have to keep that step for .001sec (no output because it is unchecked) to skip over to the next step. So basically if the operator want to shorten the process and skip 5 steps( uncheck 5 rows) he still need to leave them in place with .001 time or the displayed text will not match the output stems on the data table. He can make his own recipe, but he can't edit the combo box info.
  6. How do I display the column info on the display like a text box? example I have an indexed data table setup as a drum configuration. If I have 20 columns (output 1 to output 20, but renamed to the operation it does) how do I display the elements in the struct that currently running?
  7. Thanks for the replies. I ended up using another laptop side by side.
  8. I've tried it. It works with visilogic, but not with unilogic.
  9. With visilogic we were able to copy from program files (+86) to program files and run 2 visilogic at the same time to compare uploaded program from other versions. It is a useful tool for troubleshooting. Will this be available for unistream?
  10. You can store the date every couple seconds or minutes and compare the stored to rtc. If different hit reset your data.
  11. TozoM8


    Had some time to work on the drum. I was able to edit the data table add more columns and run it like the drum sequencer in visilogic. I can't seem to figure out how to change the time format. The unilogic sample drum has a column "time". I can edit it on the plc screen, but is a MI. 1000 means 1 sec. is there a way to change this a timer (mm:ss)? It would be easier for the operator to enter time instead of milliseconds.
  12. TozoM8


    Now that the coil is not there, I could move 36 and 146 between 35 and 146. I know it is rough. 7 years in college wasted...………….
  13. TozoM8


    What, like you never had a runaway bit. Have to keep them contained. I think I had some other coil on the outside, but got deleted
  14. TozoM8


    It is a mixing machine that mixes back and forth for a couple minutes then runs the material into an opener that chews it up a bit to have a perfect mix. MD41~AZ8.VLP
  15. TozoM8


    I am trying to see what would it take to convert my visilogic programs to unilogic. I use a lot of drum sequencer in visilogic. I am playing with unilogic examples/drum. first question. How can I remove row 0 so the table starts with 1 (it would be step 1)? next how can I use a preset timer to jump to next step instead of time column? Can I delete time column? as you can tell, I am new to this
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