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  1. I run into weird stuff like that when the battery is running low. It wouldn't hurt to check.
  2. I only use the E3XB so I don't have to keep different models on the self.
  3. You can also use the drum sequencer if you want to create different flashing patterns.
  4. I did have a reset coil at first, but it reset to the preset time in the timer creating box. So if it was 25 sec but the stored MI was 40 sec the reset coil overwrite the the stored MI. I've removed the reset coil and it worked for weeks, then acted up, then it was fine again. Sometimes just a simple power cycle fixed it. Weird.
  5. I have a pump that is controlled by timers. It is a ~4gall on/minute pump. We calibrated the value so when I enter 6 liters it converts to 25.2 seconds. Then I store this to an ML and that ML to the TA timer by ST TC. Using a flow sensor to make sure there is actual pumping going on. Once the chemical is pumped in the TA timer is 00:00 and it goes to the next step in the process. When the process is over I reset the system by store the preset 6liters to the ML and the TA timer. All this works great, but every couple weeks the TA timer coil stays on even after I stored the new value to it. If I install a reset coil for the timer then it wants to reset to the preset time (in the timer creating window) not to the ST TC. I can't use a TD timer because if during the pumping I have to stop the machine, it would reset to the full amount. I want to continue from the remaining time like all TA timers.
  6. I am not sure why, but I had bad luck with the mini USB port on multiple units (V1210). After awhile they had stopped working and I have to use the rj11 port 1 or 2 with a converter cable. I don't know if it was static or something else.
  7. I have a machine with similar setup. I have it in open loop with an absolute encoder 1000pulse/rev. The gearbox motor drives a 1" 10 start ball screw. Two MIs for fast and slow speed I've used the within range block to switch from fast MI to slow MI. It is open loop, but still achieve 0.005"accuracy. I've used a limit switch at the home position to reset the MIs to 0 so they never get away from me. I've used a NO contact with the run command to store the MIs all the time and reload with SB2 at startup. This way it will remember the las position at startup.
  8. I have the ZebraPrinter.vlp downloaded to a V570. I've made my cable as rj11 Db9 Brow 1. 6 Yellow 2. 5 Green3. 2 Red 4. 3 Black 5. 5 Orange 6. 4 in info mode I have com1 protocol = protocol rs type =RS232 params =9600,8,n,1 silence = 3648us Tx =252 Rx =463 every time I hit touch to print Tc and Rx number go up, but nothing is printing. This is the first time I've tried to print. Btw the printer works fine with usb and print test page from windows 10. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  9. Joe recommended this to me awhile back and it works great. Added plus that you can use teamviewer to get into visilogic and the plc easily. Often hard to deal wit IT to have access to the network. This way I just install a touchscreen laptop as a secondary screen and connect to wifi as a guest. No company sensitive info is accessible, but you have easy access to the plc.
  10. My phone shows I've tried on the plc side, but didn't work.
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