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  1. Thanks Joe. You've seen my program, it is a lot to convert. Looks like I have a new winter project.
  2. You mean like using SB 7 -|p|- to increment an MI and display it with one or two decimals, then reset it when you reach 60 min?
  3. Thanks for the link. I am new to unilogic. This is the first time I am trying to connect to it. It has a program in it and I was trying to upload it to take a look. Visilogic has had a long run. Eventually I have to start using the newer system.
  4. In visilogic the usb cable that came with the v1210 works, I also use a usb to serial converter for the v1210 port 1 and 2 and that works also. I use a ugreen usb to Ethernet converter on the v1210 and that works also. When I try to use the Unitronics usb cable with unilogic that's when it doesn't work. Same with the ugreen Ethernet converter, it doesn't work for unilogic only for visilogic.
  5. Yes. I've tried to set it up as I do with visilogic. The USB doesn't work because windows thinks it is a serial converter. When I tried to update the driver windows said it has the best driver for it. This is on windows 10 MS surface. When I do it on my windows 7 (Mac with windows on it) same problem with Ethernet. Windows 7 doesn't have the driver for the USB. I need to find it somewhere and install it. I've been using this Mac with windows on it for 7-8 years without problems.
  6. We acquired a machine from one of our plant and it has a USP-070-B10-XR1 with a USC-P-B10 cpu. No inputs or outputs. They've never used it. I am trying to connect to it with no luck. The panel's IP is SM DG I am using a usb to network adapter (no rj45 on my laptop) that works fine on all my vision plcs. If I try to change the panel's IP to as recommended (that's what I use on my v1210s direct connection) it says illegal panel IP settings, please enter valid IP settings. What gives?
  7. Thank you gentlemen. Joe, I've emailed you the program. Thank you for the help!
  8. I have a data table that collects date-time-shift time-machine run time-PO number-lbs loaded into that PO number. We want to input employee name into the table. Planning to put a barcode on the employee's ID. I have a Quantum IS3480 barcode scanner connected to port 2 and I can display the barcode info on the screen. It scans to start of vector MI350 (raw scan 1 of 50) and it set to 30 characters. How do I plug this info into my table?
  9. Tested it on another pc and it works fine there. Hmm.....
  10. Trying to get a data table out of my V1210. When I click run project it calls and populates the log status, but after 3-5 seconds "runtime error 429 ActiveX component can't create object" pops up. When I click ok, it closes dataxport. When I open it again it will set the data table from the plc once then the error pops up again. What am I doing wrong again?
  11. My customer decided to change the work order number from a 4 digit to a 7 digit number. In UniCan send parameters I can only pick MI not ML. How do you guys deal with this? thank you!
  12. Is it an e3xb or e4xb? The E3xb has mostly relay outputs so that will take sometime to drop. Try to use output 0 or 1 those are transistor outputs. How long is your air line? Compressed air is not a good "fluid " to transfer power. Since there is no pressure on the other side of the piston. When you close the solenoid the line between the solenoid and the cylinder's piston still has some pressure. You can pressurize both side of the cylinder and use two solenoids to release the pressure on the desired direction side and close when it reached the desired position I had a project before that
  13. I use UniCan between my Unitronics V1210s, but a new project requires to get signals from an Allen Bradley plc that I have no access to. I am not willing to pay the crazy $$ Allen Bradley wants for just this project. Currently they have a bunch of relays even between the AB plcs. Is there a way to share the 0v on all the power supplies and just use the inputs/outputs to talk to the machines? Thanks in advance.
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