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  1. I have this and i need when i push the on button a voltage at the 4 output The same for the button off but for the 5 output i have problem about ladder ty for your anwser
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  3. hi canvj Thank for your answer But I have a other question, its' about the ladder, what we need to use, (a coil, a direct contact ? ) for do this ? And for the output, who I can choose and configure the outpout that I need ? Thank
  4. Hey! Sorry for my bad english i'm french I need to do a projet where I need to use a output on my unitronics V350 TRA22. So I use visilogic. I need to send information to a variator for move forway and move forback when I press a bouton on the tactil screen, and I really don't know how I can do this. For conclude I need to use output for send a power in volt, it's possible ? Thank for your help
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