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  1. Hello! Is it possible to set Unitronics V570 (in Visilogic 9.6.0) option which will set our outputs to the state that were before turning off our PLC? How is it possible? As I know there aren't any bits in PLC (except SB) which saves their state even when PLC is power off. Thank you for your time, cheers
  2. >> Did you then run the PLC at all it's different baud rates to check if it connected at another speed? Yes. I tried all options. >> Also, pls post a screen shot of your Com init settings, a pic of your connections at the Turck, and pls "label" the leads shown in the pic of the PLC connector. Ok. I did it. BTW. SI 236 (CANbus network communication error) shows me value "6". It means that: "Poor transmission quality due to faulty wiring, or if the cable length exceeds recommendations." and One or more networked units cannot be read. If this bit is ON, check SI 238, SI 240-243." How is that possible when I'm using reccomended DeviceNet cable? Cheers, Rzasior photo upload
  3. >> 560 reports a fault as well? SI 236 shows error "6", that's mean that I have: CANbus Warning error Poor transmission quality due to faulty wiring, or if the cable length exceeds recommendations. & One or more networked units cannot be read. If this bit is ON, check SI 238, SI 240-243. SOURCE: http://www.unitronics.com/knowledgebase/visilogic/knowledgebase/visilogic/Communications/Networks/CANbus_network_problems.htm >> Com init settings definitely OK? Baud rate definitely the same? Yes. My DIP switches are 0 1 1, so my gateway is set also as 20 Kb Earthing OK? Yes. It is. Polarity correct? I think so. V- is grey one, V+ is a black one. Electrically checked all connections are ok? Yes, they are. Tried altering the Turck address to one either side of what it is meant to be via the DIPs in case they have some strange numbering quirk? If You ask if I tried different gateway IDs - yes, I tried to connect devices using different adresses, but nothing happened. I also tried to run it on lowest rate, but also there happened nothing. Additional informations: - I tried to put extra resistor between H & L at PLC but nothing happened. (Btw. CANbus network termination resistor is in V560 standard kit contents, so it shouldn't be neccesarry I think. Or maybe i have to turn it on manually? - I also tried to make as short cables as possible. Nothing happened Thank You for your help, I appreciate it a lot, but maybe You have any idea of another solutions? Cheers, Rzasior.
  4. Hello mates! I have got a problem with CANopen connection between my Unitronics V560 and gateway Turck BL20-E-GW-CO. As u see on the picture I attached after connecting my PLC and Turck gateway Err red diode is turned on. In this case, user manual says: "Faulty or interrupted communication between BL20-CANopen gateway and other CANopen. Possible causes: – CAN-BusOff – Heartbeat error – Guarding error – Transmit timeout" "– Check that the fieldbus ends with a termination resistor, if the BL20-CANopen gateway is the last node in the bus topology. – Check the seating of the CANopen bus connector (or the joints in the case of direct wiring). All connections must be correct and properly seated. – Check the CANopen cable for possible damage, and for correct connections. – Check that the correct bit rate has been set. – Check that the NMT-master is still functioning properly." - I have turned on termination resistor (my gateway is first and the last one at once). I even added extra one to PLC between H and L signal. - My connectors seats well - Cables do not have any issues - Bit rate which I set in "COM PORT INIT" block is the same as in gateway - My master PLC (V560) works What can be issue of my problem? How could I cope with that? Thanks for your time. Cheers!
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