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  1. It kinda works kinda not. Now I'm having problem with modbus busy MB. It holds 0 really short time and timer doesnt come off. What could possibly be wrong?
  2. http://www38.zippyshare.com/v/5LFX7gXx/file.html Since I can't put any files here (size is too big), I am putting link where you can download it. Delay between requests is 1 sec, is it too little?
  3. Hello, These days I'm having a problem using modbus to reading pressure data from TROX terminal unit. It is kinda simple idea - 7 slaves (TROX units) and V700 is master and gets all the data. But as I'm conneting modbus though all of them I get error that there is no connection between TROX units. Slaves ID are set properly, cable polarity have been checked too. Maybe there are some other problems that I don't know? Thank you kindly for answers.
  4. I'm using MODBUS RTU. The tricky part is that baud rate, parity, stop bits, slave ID and port matches perfectly. I will try to check status register using online test. One more question - if I'm reading only one register from slave, can I display measured variable on HMI at set time frame? for example every 60 seconds it asks for measurement and refreshes last one.
  5. Hi, I'm having hard time displaying data on V700 PLC. After MODBUS config and reading holding registers HMI still shows 0. Do I need to write data to data table and only then display on HMI? Data has to be read from MIO 12-V I/O module. Network ID matches, start of vector links to hmi variable. What could be done or I did wrong? Thanks. I'm attaching vlp file here
  6. Hi, I'm having hard time displaying data that I get through MODBUS. Need to read from multiple slaves, but after download display still shows 0. Maybe do I need to write data to data table and then display on HMI? Or I can just display data vector? I'm really confused, thanks in advance for your help. P.S. Program attached below. Thermofisher.vlp
  7. Hello, I'm having problem with vision V700 PLC. Reading data from multiple slaves kinda understable but I need to display data from data table in HMI. How can I do that? Reading different material didn't help, maybe I missed something. Thank you in advance.
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