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  1. I would like to send a string to a modem via the RS232 interface with a Send FB. This works with the terminal program if I append the carriage return, without a CR it does not work. My problem is to append the CR in the send FB. I tried different variants (13, 0d,) but it doesn't work. Can someone help me how to add a Garriage Return to the send FB and it will send a 0d? Thanks, Martin
  2. Hi If I starting VisiLogic on me Windows 8.1 PC coming the error "14 invalid Tools collection index" If I to do "Save as" then coming run-time-error 2006, "invalid Tools collection index" and then close the Programm and can not resist start visiLogic. What can I do?
  3. Hi I had one time also to try this Utilities, sometime work it and sometime not. Maybe work with uppercase. Other Utilities with SD Card work with lowercase unreliable, with uppercase is better. not logical but have made ​​good experience. good luck montania
  4. Hi I sended often E-Mail about GPRS with V570. Now not work it. If I send an E-Mail, going the Status Message on 1, SB 345 1, Status Message 13, SB 345 0, Status Message 2 and then 0. This prozess needed 2 seconds. The Result is, that the E-Mail not is sended. I not understand, why going Status Message on 13. What is the reason? If I click out the check box "SMTP authentication" then is after sending a email, the username und passwort empty. I need help Thanks montania E-Mail-GPRS.pdf
  5. If I use the keypad, then I have hangers (the Display blocked). If I touch, nothing works. Then I have to calibration the screen, then it working again. this error happens very often. I mean the simple and the complex keypad. I do not need a ladder code, it is firmware. The second problem is the multiple entries on the keypad. Nobody has this problem??? a programmable greeting
  6. I use the V570 and had permanent display hangers. I could fix the problem with a touch delays. The hanger is still happening now in the keypad. One problem is also the multiple entries in the keypad by the fast processor. Question: What may by the problem? Can I install a touch delay for the keypad? How is it possible? montania
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