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  1. I am wondering if it is possible to set the PLC name from the HMI. If I assign keypad changeable variables to the indirect vector MIs, can the PLC name be changed via the HMI? Basically I would like to create a "Setup" page, where someone can enter the PLC Name and IP information. I know IP info can be entered in the System menu, but want to simplify things by creating one HMI page with all info. The person only needs to key in the 3 digit line number as the PLC name. So if they put the PLC on Line 209, they would enter that on the HMI screen and then cycle power to set it in the program. I am using a V130.
  2. That's genius. I hadn't thought about going that route. Thanks!
  3. Has anyone created a stopwatch in Visilogic? Here's what I am trying to achieve: Machine jams, Stopwatch starts, Operator clears jam, Stopwatch time is recorded in bit, Stopwatch Resets Right now I am using Accumulating Timers to simulate, then calculate this during an entire 12 hour shift, but would like to have something appear on the display that resembles a stopwatch with the jam message.
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