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  1. Actually no, i can't run it as administrator, I'll try with my own computer to see if it makes a difference. @Cam : Here is the file : https://ufile.io/hguwf I think the problem might be the table i'm using. Is it possible to create my own table, or to get the data without using one ?
  2. I already did that but it didn't work... I don't know why it creates those ldb files. Thing is, the data are stored in the PLC so I don't think I'm using the right method there.
  3. It worked ! But now i've got issues trying to export data from the PLC It does nothing when I open the project with DataXls only file it creates is not excel but .ldb. Why ?
  4. Thank you. Where is this INFO mode ? Cause I can't find it in DataXport.
  5. Hi again ! I tried to set it up but it doesn't work. I need to fill the IP Adress in Communication - PC Settings > Favorites, which IP Adress it is and where can I find it ? The port number is also automatically set on 20256...
  6. Hi, thanks for your message ! I'm using ethernet. In design>pc ports it appear as : "Ethernet(call)" so i guess i should select "TCP/IP(call)" in connection type ?
  7. Hello all ! I'm trying to get data from a V1210 using DataXport. When i try to get OPLC information i got this message : "Communications could not be established due to failure to open port. Port maybe in use by another application or device." Or this port seems to work perfectly and is not used by other application... Can somebody help me ? Regards, Gaël.
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