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  1. Thanks for the response. My signal quality is 21. I forwarded a port and successfully accessed it via telnet, but it still gives me the same error when i try to call from the PLC. Do you have any other suggestions?
  2. Hi, I try to make a call from the PLC using GPRS and modem Cinterion EHS6T. I successfully prepare the PLC-side modem but when I Start the Call from the PLC it constantly gives me Modem Timeout.
  3. Hi there, I try to initialize Enfora modem PC-side. I followed all of the steps from the tutorials on the Internet. I tried different Baudrates, tried Hyperterminal... When I use Baudrate of 9600, and the AT commands defined in the Modem Services, all of the commands are successfully completed and when it comes to the end it always says: Modem could not be initialized. Do you have any advice what can be the problem?
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