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  1. Dear Members! I have successfully connected with the IOLINK master device. Important to match the names an the BIG letters at the excel file. I had to fix few little things in the tag files, but the communication is OK now between the IOmaster and the PLC. The next step to reach the RFID reader, but I didn't find the right port setting, how can I activate the IO link port, and communicate with the reader. If somebody have useful info about, please not hesitate to write If I find the solution, I'll share it with you. Regards, Bence
  2. Dear Cam! Yes please, I have to use some Io link sensors, and after an RFID Reader/writer connected to this IOlink master device. I would appreciate if you have any useful information, because I'm a beginner in this subject, and this is my first such a project. Regards, Bence
  3. Dear Pista! Thank you for your support! I've attached the .eds file I have. My type is BALLUFF BNI EIP-508-105-Z015 If I see right, that eds is belonging only for this device. Furthermore, I would like to use an RFID reader and some IO link sensors connected to this master device. Thanks again! Regards: Bence BNI EIP-508-105-Z015.eds
  4. Dear Pista! Could you please help me how to create global tags from an .EDS file? I would like to work with an Balluff IO link master devices, but I can't handle it. I have the .eds file of the device, but faced, it has no chance to import the tags in the software. So, somehow I have to create my own glob. tags in order to reach my IOmaster device. Thanks in advance! Regards.: Bence
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