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  1. Hello! My question is how can I do a HMI graphics adjustable potentiometer that linearly controls 0-10V / 4-20MA analog output? I found a similar one in the sample program. How can I implement or insert an editable HMI object somewhere? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! I have another problemHiba 1.pdf. I did not want to open a new topic. I do not know why, but the sum of two positive numbers will be a negative result. Why is this why? Where do I find the fault?
  3. Hello! Can you attach a drawing on how to plow 0 to 10V input of plc with the 4-20mA transmitter resistors? This would also interest me
  4. Hi! This weekend something was happening with a well-functioning plc, what do you think was the trigger? These pictures were sent from him, before restarting, and restarting. You may have been disconnected through the modbus connection?
  5. Yes, I know, but now V700 plc is for me. Someone has uploaded a program to the forum. Can V700 plc be suitable for this? Can you help me out here? FTP client.vlp
  6. Hi! My plc is a V700. I went to the Sd card for analogue signals. I would like to send the exel table to FTP every 5 minutes. Can an example program be made for me? This exceeds my knowledge Thanks very much for the help!
  7. Hello I'm a beginner and I need some help. I do not really know English. The machine JZ20-J-T40 + is a pulse counter flow meter. I need a pulse counter program module that I can move on. A digital input would arrive at the signal. The number of incoming pulses should be displayed linearly in the display. Within the program, you can adjust how much the incoming pulse count is displayed on the display. Say 10 pulses / liter or 100 pulses / liter ... etc ... it can be set to any value. I want to determine how many impulses count 1 liter. Maybe if I can, I would like to add an addendum to start a tank charging process, set the charge value on the keyboard, and then when the impulses reach the amount arriving, the charging process stops. Thanks in advance!!
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