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  1. Dear all, We communicate 10 nodes through rs485 communication in v700 port 1..the problem is if my one divice is failture means other 9 nodes getting delayed..kindly provide solution RegArds Mohamed
  2. Dear flex, i tried lot of time..one festo slave is connected and its working properly but my another festo not in communication..here i have attched sample pls check once u free sample data transfer.vlp
  3. Thanks for your replay flex, Second option is suitable for my process.How to write in ladder for MODBUS TCP data transferring ?below i have attached my sample for 1st plc Tcp master.Pls check it sample data transfer.vlp
  4. dear sir, i have 4 vessels having individual plcs model is v700, Each plc having individual festo valve (16 way digital outputs) in tcp/ip protocol, my first plc ip is and my festo ip is my second plc ip is and my festo ip is my third plc ip is and my festo ip is my fourth plc ip is and my festo ip is Question 1 : How to handshaking all plc in one loop (ex: i want to transfer my first vessel product to 2nd,3rd and 4th vessels.) regards, Mohamed
  5. Dear sir, Actually case is we have 4 plc for 4 individual vessels A,B,C,D,So we need to transfered product to A vessel to D.That 4 Plc having 4 individual Festo valve (16 way-Tcp/ip).So how to transfer product? Pls suggest
  6. Dear sir, How to hand shake v700 to v700 pls provide solution.It is possible to handshaking v700 to v700.
  7. I connected 3 different Ip Device which has 24 valves individual valve.....fyi
  8. Thks a lot Joe...I just now download this program and sucessfully got communicate with 3 different Ip Device. So what here happn in 5 sec only device will ON after its getting cummunication got fail.it will repeat again and again how can I hold my communication permanent.
  9. sorry sir by mistake i dint attached.here i attached sample 1040 tcpip.vlp
  10. Dear sir, I have attached my sample tcp/ip program. For your reference.I'm trying to connect three different ip in one master V570.Kindly check and provide solution for that.Thak you for your earlier replay.
  11. Dear sir, I'm trying to communicate tcp/ip (Valves)with v700 unitronics.but communication not yet done pls provide solution to resolve.I have attached ladder for your ref
  12. Dear forum members, hope u all r doing well, I cannot able to fix this simple concept pls provide solution for this below, 1.I have connected 1 pump and when my input bit is on my pump will ON. On timer is 10 sec ON and off timer is 30 sec OFF, now i facing problem is how to vary my pump timer via hmi screen i cant able to call my timer address...pls provide solution for this regards, mohamed
  13. I have some issues in siemens 7.5 H.P Vfd which is connected to EX-A2X. the problem is auto on/off not taking place after power failure.when power resume motor not getting ON automatically.
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