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  1. Hello my friends, I have some difficulties communicating with a power meter, it has a Floating Point 32 address, and I can't communicate. I performed tests on KepServer and got success and also with ModbusScan. You could be helping me set up the program or teach me some procedure you might be doing to establish communication. Attached is the list of registers.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm developing a program to communicate with an inverter and a PM5100 power meter, but I'm getting "4/6" time-out errors when communicating with the PM5100. Perform the program development as follows. Function Process Inverted contact, normal closed MB, function block 43000, coil set to Mb and follows the sequence .... I performed a test with Serial Adapter and got success, what can I do to adjust the timeout or calculate how it is done I noticed that there is a formula in the help menu, has anyone used ?? Can someone indicate an accomplished program ?? https://youtu.be/cBXH0QjwFMw my logic is similar to video
  3. Hello Joe, thank you very much for your attention. So I'm communicating with the inverters and my question really is which port to use. I recently ran a UDP communication project with or PLC, where I succeeded, but a friend once made the communication through the TCP protocol with other CLPs together with the OPC server system and eventually came into conflict I believe he used the same ports . Currently my scenario as described above is to perform the communication between the PLC with the Inverter and at the same time communicate with the OPC server, you could be typing some topic that can specify more about the port configurations. My other question is whether the reading and writing logic is correct, or you use another pattern. Many thanks for now.
  4. Hello Flex727, So I will be setting the socket 20256 as master in my network with the inverters and in the FB ip config I will be configuring the ip of the slaves and the port that in the case would be 502, and in another FB ip config I will be configuring as slave of my OPC server on the port 502.
  5. Currently using modbus through an OPC server, I contacted support here in Brazil and he said that I could be using port 20256, however the moment I set the IP and start the FB config I put the 2 ports and indicated the IP of my slaves ?? I'll be posting the program here, tomorrow.
  6. hello friends, I have a problem communicating between a frequency inverter and my PLC. I currently do the communication on port 502 with OPC, and would like to be communicating with the inverter using another port, is it possible ?? This model my plc is v350 and inverter cfw011.
  7. Good morning guys, I implanted PID auto tune program, is to present fail. Status : (-11) My question, the is resolution ? I’m Sorry for English. Thanks
  8. Ausman good evening, my ID configured in the initial configuration of the network is number "2". The funny thing is that in the V230 model, I was able to communicate with the equipments having the expansion module EX A2X. But the V570 did not work, just when I removed the cable from the EX A2X module.
  9. Hello, I have assembled a MODBUS RS485 network to communicate 2 inverters and 2 softstarters. When performing the tests of communication did not obtain success. When I removed the cable from the EX A2X or A1X module, it started communicating. I am using the COM2 port with the termination jumper.
  10. Hello friends, I am having trouble developing the program for rs485 communication with a danfoss inverter and a softstarter weg ssw07. I am doing a logic of SET and RESET, after communicating with a condition equipment to the next and at the end RESET both. However it is presenting a number 4 and 5 fault. Someone would have a program that could serve as an example for me where I can communicate with several slave, automatically forming a loop cycle.
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