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  1. Hello Joe I just want to communicate v700 with three universal robot. In plc i want to read all parameters of all three universal robot. Like joint temp, tcp value,angle,co-ordinate. Is it possible ? If possible please let me know the settings in plc v700
  2. Hi Joe Please check link below. https://www.universal-robots.com/how-tos-and-faqs/how-to/ur-how-tos/ethernet-ip-guide-18712/
  3. Hi, Everyone i neec read EDS file of universal robot in v700 plc . please help if anyone went through this UniversalRobot.eds
  4. Problem: MB 200 is not getting on even when Rung input Condition is True. 1. Routine Has been called from Main Routine. 2. MB 200 not been used in Program any where as output coil.
  5. Problem: Output MB200 not getting on even

    1. Subroutine called from main Routine

    2. MB 200 not been used anywhere in Program as a Output Coil.

    Unitronics_Op coil is not getting On.PNG

  6. Hello, I am trying to communicate V560 with Rectifier through modbus RS485. PLC pin Details:- Rectifier Pin details:- pcr01 protocol communication Ver 3_23 EN.pdf protocol Support:-Mod bus ASCII fig 1.0 Please Reply Following Points: 1. Is it possible to communicate Unitronics PLC with Rectifier. 2. If Possible how to connect between PLC and Rectifier.(PLC RS485 2 wire and Rectifier rs 485 4 wire ). 3. If I short TX+ to RX+ and TX- , RX- and connect A+ and A- terminal to PLC. is it okay this way? 4. Shall i need to use converter half duplex to full duplex . 5. Rectifier is Supports only MODBUS ASCII. Is it possible to connect as shown in fig 1.0 Please reply with all possible solution. pcr01 protocol communication Ver 3_23 EN.pdf
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