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  1. Hi, what is the maximum file size that I can send with this modem? The type is in the first image. I find the second image in the manual of modem but I don't understand what type is my modem. And I read the signal quality of modem is ever or 0 or 100, it's possible? Even when it's 0 modem send the mail. The signal quality varies 0 to 100? I set 3 seconds for refresh the signal quality. I don't understand how the signal quality operate. Thanks
  2. Hi, is there a manual that describes the all type (bit, world, etc...) of system register? where can I find it? Thanks
  3. @Ofir I tried to send the two emails with the ethernet connection, with one file each, two diffents ".jpg"; in the first the size of file is 395 KB in the second 1.5 MB. There is no problem with of this connection type. My modem doesn't work for this type of application. We will use another type. Thanks
  4. I changed the type of adapter, the problem still exist. I extended the interval time between the two emails but the problem persists. I changed the program and tryed to send one single mail with the image. Sometimes the PLC not send the mail, even if the attached is light (1.2 KB) or weight (394.4 KB), I must give the command twice. In the case of ".csv" file there isn't a problem. At the second time the PLC send the mail correctly. Sended the light file (image of 1.2KB) the error not appear. The problem is the type and size of file? Thanks
  5. Hi Ofir, 1. The modem is connected with an RS232 cable and a USB adapter. 2. I send two files (one is ".csv" file 217 byte and one is ".jpg" file 209 KB) Dividing the files in two emails, to the first mail I have attached the ".csv" to the second the ".jpg". The first email is sent correctly, arrives immediately and without giving any error. The second email, I tried to attach a light file (191.2KB) or more weight (394.4KB) the result is equal, I get both mails but for the second I get the error of "Time Out". Why? Thanks
  6. Hello Ausman, Thank you for your reply, I corrected the time but unfortunately nothing has changed. The PLC sends and when it arrives at my mailbox I also get the Time Out error Soon
  7. The version of modem is "CINTERION BGS2T_RS232". The detail of panel version is in the pictures. Okay, thank you and I look forward to your reply
  8. Hi, My PLC is UniStream 5” US5-B10-TR22 and the version software of Unilogic is 1.23.25 and I use modem GSM/GPRS for send the e-mail. When I send emails with big files (photos of 200KB or 400KB), they arrive at destination without problems but appear me the error of "Time Out". Why? Is it possible to modify system variables so that they don't appear?
  9. Hi, I have a questions for send Video file attached to an e-mail. My PLC is UniStream 5” US5-B10-TR22 and the version software of Unilogic is 1.23.25 and I use modem GSM/GPRS for send the e-mail. The Email and Account is all correct, I can send without problem the e-mail with a file data in attachments like “name.csv”. Since I can not define in the attachments of the email the folder "video" of the SD I put the video in the folder "screenshots" for attach and send it (see image) When I send the mail I have the follow error: "Attach file error" this error is because for that folder is only for ".jpg" files? Renaming the extension of the video in "name-video.jpg" instead of "name-video.wmv" the email is sent correctly! By downloading the video on the PC and renaming it with the right extension (.wmv) I can open it correctly. In all the e-mails sended I have "Time Out", why? My question is: How can I send the video without modify the extension? (The UNISTREAM transfer the video in automatically from the external SD inside an IP-Cam by using FTP protocol communication)
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