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  1. Hey Aus, I am sorry I should've shown this.. I brought another CPU and it worked like a charm! so it looks like the problem is in the CPU itself! Thank you all for the efforts to solve this problem!
  2. Hey Nahum, Thank you for the suggestion, I have an RS-232 port in my machine, I didn't use a converter. Thank you again..
  3. Hey.. I am on windows xp, and not using any USB adapters, legacy serial port, I brought that machine specifically to not to get into compatibility issues. I've got a snap-in and an RS485 communication card, I've checked snap-in its well seated and so is the card. I know it's so hard without being there. I will request a different PLC and check this out... Thank you for all the help!
  4. Ok.. so unfortunately this still doesn't work.. I notice that while downloading "even an empty program" Visilogic takes about 1 minute Waiting for Flash IDLE while on state "Set Password" then when beginning to Sending Hardware Configuration, it fails after several retries. I'd really appreciate your help
  5. The current program is running on 27 PLCs (they're at version 5.04) , this is a new one but exactly same model and configuration, additionally, I am trying to download an empty program, even the same Visilogic version.
  6. Thank you! I will be testing this today! One thing worth mentioning is that this PLC hasn't been programmed before, it's on bootstrap and I've updated its OS from 2.xx to 5.04, maybe I am not connecting at the right time. I will apply your instructions above and let you know.
  7. Hey guys, I tried this but unfortunately it's the same.. on a clean project it begins building, then sending hardware configuration begins showing Retry binary transmit - (error 0) for the retries count and finally fails. Although PLC Communication screen works perfectly fine.. Is there any way I could have this solved? or I shall doubt the hardware?
  8. Hey.. The communication perfectly works from Get OPLC Information.. I can't download an empty project.. so I will try re-installing and will let you know. Thank you very much for your cooperation!
  9. I have a different case where I get a successful compilation, I also tried with an empty project and the same error was returned to me..
  10. Hey @Ausman I've tried the steps you mentioned and still with no luck.. Still having this stack error: Project: C:\Program Files\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Main\..\Data\DB\New_OPLC_16BT.ubf 6/1/2018 12:20:24 PM FIXING IN LOADING Function: frnFixIllegalTextImages UPDATE ProjectImages SET ProjectImages.TxtImageFontSize = 0, ProjectImages.TxtImageBackColor = 0, ProjectImages.TxtImageForeColor = 0, ProjectImages.TxtImageFontCharset = 0 WHERE (((ProjectImages.TxtImageFontSize) Is Null) AND ((ProjectImages.TxtImageBackColor) Is Null) AND ((ProjectImages.TxtImageForeColor) Is Null) AND ((ProjectImages.TxtImageFontCharset) Is Null))" "Project: D:\Unitronics\PLC program_Final.1.27 6/1/2018 12:33:46 PM DLL:UnVsCon1 Class:clsDownloadSequence Func:prvErrorHandler ErrName:UnableToSendData ErrNum:-2147220096 Description:PLC reply - Error - (error 7) - Time-out value is probably too short. Call Stack: clsDownloadSequence.prvSendBinaryData clsDownloadSequence.prvCheckIfOldHW clsDownloadSequence.prvOpenComm clsDownloadSequence.prvVerify I'd really appreciate your help so much. Thank you!
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