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  1. How do I achieve Port Forwarding on Unitronics Router?
  2. 1. Can Foundation Fieldbus Transmitters be connected to Unistream or Unitronics PLC for process automation? 2. If yes, which Hardware(s) do I need for it such as FIM?
  3. I didn't get MCR-C-I-I-00-DC (2814508 -Phoenix Contact) which is 4-20mA input to 4-20mA output in the market, so I bought MCR-C-U-I- 4-DC - (2814537- Phoenix contact) which is 0-10V input to 4-20mA. I changed my Analog Output to 0-10V in the Hardware Configuration, I connected the 0-10V as the input to 2814537 and connected the output from it which is 4-20mA to my I/P Transducer, it worked well. Thanks to everyone.
  4. Thanks Joe, I have seen the make of the loop converter, I will place order for one to use
  5. I need someone to help me debug the attached programming, also attached is the cause and effect excel sheet Zery 1 PLC programming.vlp cause and effect details.xlsx
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