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  1. Hello all. At this moment I'm working on a project with many data samplers and a lot of information, the web server works great to visualize the real time info, and some data tables are good for historical data, but I want to send all my data samplers as an attachment by email, I've been trying many combinations and it doesn't work, when I don't get the -4 status, the email goes without attachment, if anyone can give me a hint I appreciated
  2. he asked me to check the ground connection, the power source, but the problem still there. Finally I made a firmware update (reinstall) and that makes the problem to take a bit longer to happen, but still happening randomly. juan
  3. I tried to do a firmware update, but everytime the process starts the plc stops running, and the update fails...
  4. I'm in contact with the seller right now, he ask me to check some possible causes.
  5. Hi, is a Unistream 5" pro: US5-B10-T24 with the modbus port AUC-CD-01RS4_0, sometimes it fails during the startup, sometimes it does it after a few minuts. thanks
  6. Hi. I have 3 UniStream 5" pro with the Modbus port on them, with no problem the first two, but the 3re one has been really hard to work with, some time during the booting process it gets stock some time after a few our, with no reason, when this happens the screen gets distrosionated an freeze, the only thing that i can do y to cut the power a restarted some times 3 times before be able to used again, if any one had the same problem. Please help. thanks
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