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  1. This may mean that used to download project VisiLogic version is different from one you use now.

    Check online what are firmware versions at PLC.

    *If you have number of projects, or multiple copies of the same project, or even one project you eventually touch - it is preferred to use the same VisiLogic version you used last time to download working version of project to PLC.



  2. Hmm.

    Personally I do not recommend to violate Company Policy.

    There is not the last time you need to make firmware upgrade.

    When PLC and UniLogic firmware are very different, or you have to recover PLC - the only way is to use Disk on Key.

    *Recommended to use MicroSD and MicroSD-to-USB adapter. This allow to use MicroSD and USB stick with the same MicroSD card, so you need to "whiten" it only one time.

    Better to do next:

    - Contact your manager and prove him that you (your group) NEED minimum 1 "white" Disk On Key to use ONLY for firmware upgrades.

    - Or contact IT to assist you each time you need to make files transfer to Disk-on Key.



  3. Translation:


    Good morning, I have a problem with an FTP file transfer program to a remote server.

    e carry out the test of sending a file within the local network and we have no problems, but when we try to take the file to a remote server, we get status -6.

    We have already checked the username and password and they are correct. we have changed the ports but it does not allow uploading the file either.

    we ping the server address from the plc and it responds correctly.

    Can you help us to identify what is failing please?

    thank you.


  4. Translation:

    Good morning, I am a new Member in the Chat, and I have a Unitronics V130 PLC that at the time of downloading the program with the Visilogic software, it got an update notice from the S.O .; With the tool of the same software for this, I started to update the S.O. and it began to carry out said Operation, when it eliminated the outdated OS, it was at the beginning of the second step. Sack Another error message, which I don't remember, and it no longer allows me to do anything, could you tell me how to recover the OS?


  5. When you scroll down to next strings:


    You can see that default baudrate is set to 115200.


    If you wish to use 9600 in Ladder, you have to change default baudrate to 9600 and then run Init Modem.

    As well, set communoication baudrate to 9600 as well.

    After Prepare modem will remember baudrate 9600.



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