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  1. Hi,

    You have to buy modems from Unitronics to use with Unitronics PLCs.

    This will warrant that modem will be compatible with PLCs. Or Unitronics will clearly state what is not supported.

    CINTERION EHS6T USB, Firmware is 04.013 is a re-designed modem with some major changes in hardware and software.

    It is not sold by Unitronics and will not work with Unitronics PLCs.

    It is recommended to return this modem to dealer.

    Please review newluy introduced by Unitronicvs Router.

    This Router is a 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE modem-router and supporting many functions.



    Scroll to "Accessories", then expand "Routers".

    There are 2 models with variations for different countries.

    Hope this information helps.




  2. On 12/10/2018 at 10:35 AM, FTSMDLZ said:

    When the video has been running for a while it will freeze, sometimes after 2 hours and sometimes after 24 hours.


    The best solution to prevent PLC display "freeze" - do not play video "for a while".

    - Run timer to activate Screen Saver.

    - Make Screen Saver delay (T1).

    - Show display with some information about company.

    - Make short delay (T2).

    - Start play video (enable "Auto Play, disable "Repeat").

    - When video playback finished - Show display with some information about company.

    - Repeat until display will be touched.

    Realizing this algorithm will eliminate display "freeze".



  3. Hi,

    When use mechanical switch, then it's contact(s) "bounce" when fast change it's position.

    Normal Digital Input has internal filter, which "neutralize" contact(s) bouncing.HSI has no such filters.

    You can use button on PLC display to start timer and generate fixed length output pulse.

    Use this pulse as input for high speed counter.

    Then everything should work as supposed.



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  4. Hi,

    Please visit unitronics Helpdesk Portal and search for SD word:


    You can find number of articles.

    Review next:

    What brand of SD cards can UniStream PLCs support? What is the SD maximum size? Does it support SDHC?

    UniStream SD cards- Must I format an SD card in order to use it with UniStream?

    Prepare Disk on Key (DOK) or SD card to work with PLC

    Or format it with SD Memory Card Formatter


    Maximum supported SD card size for Vision PLCs is 32 GB, but it is recommended to use SD card with maximum capacity of 16 GB.

    *32 GB just show error when prepare it from SD Tools.

    SD card should be formatted as FAT32. Other formats are not supported.

    Last thing - it is good to make first format as Full, not Quick. this will help to detect SD card defects.

    Hope this helps to have active SD card.



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  5. If it not work with simulator, then control loop does not similar to real one, or PID startup parameters are wrong.

    First, you have to look for description of status=-2.


    1. Clean MI 304, as it calculated by PID Autotune.

    2. MI 222 should be 1000, and you can use it to indicate percentage.

    3. In linearization swap 4096 and 1000.  *4096 is wrong. Should be 4095 (range is 0 to 4095).


    MI 2000 will be in range 0 to 4095 and you should link it to Analog Output.

    4. In PID Autotune select 2 cycles and run it again.

    Does it work now?




  6. Yes, You can create UDFB (User Defined Function Block).

    You can look in UniLogic examples how this works.

    You can download examples from following link:

    Visit Unitronics Helpdesk


    and search for "UDFB" word

    Here you can find information about UDFB.



  7. Hi kvj,
    Your question include two different parts.

    My main question is, (is doing the auto tune using PID SERVER tool will work for good ?)[1] (What will be of any possible issues later on, if any?)[2]

    Part [1] can be answered:
    PID Server is running on PC.
    It can consume much more resources (CPU, memory), and it may make PID Autotune more precise. But it is dependent of other conditions - PID startup parameters, Sensors/Actuators models and phisical location, inertion of sensors/actuators, etc.
    And good side of PID Server is possibility to save PID parameters graph.
    You can use this graph for feature reference, send it to someone for rteview, etc.
    And yes, you can change PID parameters and make optimization by compare results of an original PID Autotune calculated PID parameters and changed ones.

    Part [2] is acadenic, so everybody can add answers in accordance to experience.


  8. Diego7793,

    Please send your request to support@unitronics.com

    Add PLC serial number from Panel and PLC model.

    Support will send you instructions.

    *Instructions are not published, as are dependent of number of conditions (PLC model, UniLogic version, Firmware version, etc.).


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