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  1. Hi Nikolay, How did it go with your application? I am going to start a application with the next equipment: EX-A2X IO-R016 EXF-RC15 V350-J-TRA22 Please you can share your experience with me. I have not found the document explaining how to communicate EXF-RC15 and V350-J-TRA22. Thanks in adavance
  2. Yes it was like this, You help me with some doubts and I appreciate the suggestions regarding cable and connections, but I am at a stage before, the error I have is when I try to replicate the project, starting from the beginning, I try to create the project and configure the order that they are physically connected and I get the error that I already mentioned. Thanks Aus
  3. I can not get the backup, this option was not enabled when it was downloaded. My main question is: it is possible that in a single project there are all the components mentioned above, I am confused because the module EXF-RC15 works as PLC or it is only a remote I/O module, I need to take the first step to configure the project, to be able to see the remote inputs and manipulate outputs. Thanks Ausman
  4. I can not get the backup, this option was not enabled when it was downloaded
  5. Hi everyone it is the first time that I work with Unitronics, I am trying to finish a project that someone else started, this person left installed and configured the project even 3 motors already work, the problem is that there are 3 more missing, but I do not have the PLC project, I need to configure and program this from the beginning, that is why I am writing to you. The hardware is the next. V350-J-TRA22 EX-A2X Expansion adapter IO-R016 EXF-RC15 High speed i/o When I tryed configured the project and i started with V350-J-TRA22, later module IO-R016 later EXF-RC15 it showed me the next message "There is no battery backup for the operands when the EXF-RC15 is selected on the HW." I have added 4 images, configuration 1 and configuration 2, is the way I have tried to create my project, the other projects1 and project1b is how they are physically connected Thanks in advace
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